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Message from the President: Welcome to the new library

Oct. 2, 2009

Dear alumni friends:

Congratulations! You have a new library.

As many of you know, we dedicated the new Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library with the beginning of the fall semester, and ever since it has been filled with grateful students.

From the time the library was just steel coming out of the ground, I have really enjoyed sharing memories with alums about your own library experiences at St. Norbert College. For most of you, those memories are about Todd Wehr, the converted former residence hall. But for those of you of a certain age – and you know who you are – “your” library was in the upper floors of Boyle Hall. I gather this arrangement was more cramped than quaint.

You share these stories, especially about Boyle, the way military veterans recall past battles – rather fondly in retrospect, but with the clear sense that it was anything but a picnic at the time. Many of you also express a bit of envy for our current students and this wonderful new amenity at their disposal.

But here’s my point in writing: the Mulva Library is for you, too.

The 80,000-square-foot building has wireless internet service if you’d like to bring in your laptop; but if you prefer you can use one of the 84 computer stations. There are 740 seats throughout the place where you can get comfortable with one of the 225,000 or so volumes in the holdings. You can get caught up from a variety of popular newspapers and magazines in the periodical area. You can get some quiet time for reflection in the second-floor Center for Norbertine Studies, or go up to the third floor and look over today’s best-sellers. And if all that reading makes you hungry, head back down to Ed’s Café for coffee and a bagel, or a personal-sized pepperoni pizza. For more information on the library and its services visit

Point is, just because you “missed out” on a great library as a student doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage now. You can even check out books; all you need to present is your alumni card. (And if you don’t have your alumni card yet, you can get that at the card services station in the Sensenbrenner Union.)

By the way, one related favor: With the opening of the new library and Gries Hall just to the south, there is more foot traffic than ever on Third Street. So as you’re driving through campus, please slow down and honor the right of pedestrians to cross safely at the crosswalks.

As I say, the Mulva Library is YOUR library. See you in the stacks!

Tom Kunkel