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Bola Delano-Oriaran

Associate Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching Abroad

B.A., Savannah State University 
M.P.A., Savannah State University 
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Programs: Education

I believe I was born to this earth to serve humanity. My journey started in Nigeria where I was born and attended elementary and high schools and continued on through Georgia and Pennsylvania with a current stop in Wisconsin.

It is my philosophy that we are sent to earth to fulfill certain purposes by serving humanity. My purpose in life is helping people understand the richness and value of diversity in our society. This has led me to continue to be an advocate for equity and multiculturalism in schooling and society. My purpose in life, which intersects with my passion, has influenced both my professional and personal activities.

My job as a professor in the education department focuses on empowering students to be change agents as teachers in the classroom by fully infusing multiculturalism into the curriculum and working for social justice in society. My scholarship focuses on multicultural education and gender and schooling.

My purpose in life is centered around my personal activities and interests. In 2000, I had a dream of creating a multicultural center in the Fox Cities where all people could gather and celebrate each other's identities and experiences. This dream transformed into reality with the creation of the Fox Cities Rotary Multicultural Center located downtown Appleton.

My involvement in community, state, national and international activities has helped to support my teaching activities in the classroom. It has given me the opportunity to further engage my students in becoming advocates for equity.

EDUC 125 Foundations of U.S. Education 
EDUC 272 A Multicultural Approach to Early Education Curricular Issues and Instructional Methods 
EDUC 477 Overseas Student Teaching I 
EDUC 478 Overseas Student Teaching II 
GS 408 Social Inequalities: Race & Minority Relations