Jim Harris

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

BSBA, Villanova University 
M.B.A., University of Notre Dame 
Ph.D., University of Illinois 

Programs: Business Administration

Dr. James Harris’s area of specialty is consumer psychology. His dissertation, completed in 2002, explores consumers’ ability and motivation, given their individual socialization to process product information that connotes aspects of lifestyle. Most recently he has been involved with studying how functionally illiterate consumers adapt to a marketplace that somewhat assumes functional literacy on the part of its members. That work was published in January 2005 in the "Journal of Marketing" (American Marketing Association). In addition, Dr. Harris has looked at the ethical practices of consumers working under duplicitous guises in the hope of defrauding sellers. 

Before joining the St. Norbert College community in 2004, Dr. Harris taught multiple courses at both MBA and undergraduate levels. These courses include Strategic Marketing Management, Promotion & Advertising Management, Principles of Marketing, and Sales Force Management. In 2002, he was voted a “top five feature” of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa MBA curriculum. That curriculum was started by the Wharton School, and currently shares a faculty and student exchange program with the Anderson School at UCLA. 

BUAD 270 Marketing Concepts and Issues
BUAD 371 Sales Management
BUAD 374 Marketing Promotions
BUAD 375 Consumer Behavior 
BUAD 471 Advanced Topics in Marketing 
BUAD 494 Internship/Co-operative Education