Joy Pahl

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

B.S., Minnesota State University-Mankato 
M.B.A., Minnesota State University-Mankato 
Ph.D., The University of South Carolina 

Programs: Business AdministrationInternational Business and Language Area Studies

I cherish my role as a professor. Students challenge me to challenge them, although they probably don’t realize that they do this. Each time a student surprises me with a certain insight or a particularly astute conclusion, I see more and more potential—not only in that particular student but also in all students. 

As a person in this complicated world, I enter relationships with one basic assumption: that people are basically good and that they deserve my best. When I encounter a group of students for the first time—and every time—my challenge is “How can I give them my best so that the good that is in them is most likely to emerge?” 

My scholarship interests connect well to my passion for teaching. Since I use a case intensive approach to teaching, increasingly, I am focusing on developing cases which involve international management and investment decisions. I have also conducted research in the areas of conflict management, organizational learning, business ethics, and business pedagogy. I am a professional member of the Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business, and at St. Norbert College, I have served in numerous of college governance roles.

BUAD 468 Senior Seminar in International Business and Language Area Studies I  
BUAD 469 Senior Seminar in International Business and Language Area Studies II 
BUAD 485 Senior Seminar in Business Policy and Strategy