The world is at your feet! We offer study abroad programs on six of seven continents.

Go Global!

Just think. You could intern at the British parliament, study art in Florence, or conduct an in-depth environmental science research project in Madagascar.  Our study-abroad program integrates academic and experiential education – giving you an outstanding opportunity to become aware of the differences and similarities of people around the globe.

In addition to semester-long study abroad, international experience can be gained through a variety of programs offered by other departments on campus, including student teaching abroad, the TRIPS program, the Zambia Project, and faculty-led short-term programs.

Study Abroad at a Glance
  • All St. Norbert students have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester.
  • Start your travels as early as your second semester sophomore year.
  • If you would prefer an English-speaking country, we have programs in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. English-language programs are also available in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Italy, the Netherlands and throughout Africa.
  • Students generally take credits that are the equivalent of four St. Norbert courses, or one semester’s worth of work. You will fulfill requirements for your major, minor and/or the General Education program and stay on-track for four-year graduation while studying abroad.
  • Depending on your program choice, you will be housed in a residence hall, or an apartment, or with a host family, while studying abroad.
  • Regardless of the program you choose, your tuition will be the same as the current St. Norbert rate. If housing and/or meals are included in your program, you will be charged at the St. Norbert rates for room and/or board.
  • You are able to apply your financial aid package to one semester of off-campus study.
We’re Here to Help
The study abroad staff is here to help you through the entire study abroad process: pre-departure, abroad and re-entry. We’ll help you find a program, guide you through the application process, and prepare you before you depart on your study abroad adventure. Once you are abroad, we'll stay connected with you to help ensure that your experience is a positive one. When you come home, we'll welcome you back and assist you in articulating your experiences.

The following table highlights all of our approved study abroad program sites. If you’d like to study abroad for two semesters, you must choose at least one exchange program. Exchange programs are denoted by an asterisk (*).

There are lots of options and we look forward to talking through them with you.

Buenos Aires • Universidad de Buenos Aires (M)
• Universidad del Salvador (M)
• Universidad Torcuato di Tella (M)
Córdoba • Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (M)
San Miguel de Tucumán • Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (M)
Cochabamba • Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change (SIT)
Concepción • Universidad de Concepción (M)
La Serena • Universidad de la Serena (M)
Santiago • Pontificia U. Católica de Chile (M) or (CIEE)
• Universidad de Chile (M) or (CIEE)
Temuco • Universidad de la Frontera (M)
Valdivia • Universidad Austral de Chile (M)
Valparaíso • Pontificia U. Católica de Valparaíso (M)
• Universidad de Playa Ancha (M)
• Universidad de Valparaíso (M)
Dominican Republic
Santiago • Pontificia U. Católica Madre y Maestra (CIEE)
Quito • Universidad San Francisco de Quito*
Mexico City
• Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey*
Cusco • Centro Bartolome de las Casas (ProWorld)
• Australian Catholic University*
Gold Coast • Bond University
Maroochydore • University of the Sunshine Coast*
Melbourne • LaTrobe University*
Perth • Murdoch University
Sydney • International College of Management, Sydney
• Macquarie University*
New Zealand
Christchurch • University of Canterbury
Dunedin • University of Otago
Czech Republic
Prague • Anglo-American University (CEA)
Lancaster • Lancaster University
Liverpool • Liverpool Hope University
London • Foundation for International Education
• Goldsmiths College
• University of Westminster
Manchester • University of Manchster
Grenoble • Université Stendhal-Grenoble III (AIFS)
Lille • Université Catholique de Lille*
Montpellier • Université Paul-Valéry (UM)
Marburg (+Vienna) • Philipps Universität + Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien (BCA)
Münster • Westfälische Wilhelms Universität*
Cork • University College Cork
Dublin • Foundation for International Education

• National University of Ireland-Galway


• University of Limerick

Maynooth • National University of Ireland-Maynooth
Florence • Florence University of the Arts (SAI)
Rome • John Cabot University (SAI)
Groningen • Hanze University | International Business School*
Stirling • University of Stirling
Madrid • Universidad Antonio de Nebrija*
Toledo • Fundación de Ortega y Gasset (UM)
Valencia • Hispanic Studies Program (UV)
Swansea • Swansea University
Tokyo • Sophia University*
Tsuru City • Tsuru University*
Cairo • American University in Cairo
Amman • Modernization & Social Change (SIT)
Yaounde • Social Pluralism & Development (SIT)
Accra • Social Transformation & Cultural Expression (SIT)
Cape Coast • Origins of African Identity (SIT)
Antananarivo • National Identity & Social Change (SIT)
Fort Dauphin • Biodiversity & Natural Resource Mmgt. (SIT)
Rabat • Migration & Transnational Identity (SIT)
• Multiculturalism & Human Rights (SIT)
South Africa
Alice • University of Fort Hare (interstudy)
Cape Town • Multiculturalism & Human Rights (SIT)
• University of Cape Town (interstudy)
Durban • Community Health & Social Policy (SIT)
• Social & Political Transformation (SIT)
• University of KwaZulu-Natal (interstudy)
Grahamstown • Rhodes University (interstudy)
Pietermaritzburg • University of KwaZulu-Natal (interstudy)
Tygerberg • University of the Western Cape (interstudy)
Arusha • Wildlife Conservation & Political Ecology (SIT)
Stone Town • Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology & Natural Resource Management (SIT)
Gulu • Post-Conflict Transformation (SIT)
Kampala • Development Studies (SIT)

(*) denotes an exchange program.

Notable Experiences
Each year, nearly 140 St. Norbert College students study abroad. Our student testimonials highlight three topics: memorable experiences, benefits of study abroad, and advice and tips.

Student Testimonial

"Don’t just consider studying abroad, mark it into your four-year plan. I would have loved to study abroad for a whole year. SNC makes it possible through exchange programs! Nothing beats being able to say you've lived in another country for half a year and now have new friends in all corners of the world."

Kaylee Beck ’13
Studied at the Université Catholique de Lille in Lille, France
International studies and french major, peace and justice minor