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Student Resources

Everyone does their job better when they have the right tools.   Even a very good tool doesn't do everything.  It is important to gather as many good tools as you need to do the job well!

In college, this sometimes means finding the right strategy for a particular course because the strategies that have served you so well in other courses aren't currently working. 

It may mean an adjustment in how you allocate your time, how you review information, how to prepare for tests, or how you go about writing a paper.

Where to get help?

Talk to your professors.  Professors work here because they really enjoy spending time with their students.  Make sure you put your professor's office hours in your planner; they will be listed on your syllabus.  This way you know when you can stop by.  If you have a longer question or these hours conflict with a class, ask for an appointment.  Come with specific questions.



Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistants are students who work closely with professors and have done well in the discipline.  Many departments have drop-in hours for students to meet with Teaching Assistants.  They can help answer specific content based questions.  The T/A hours are usually posted.

Located on 3rd floor of Mulva Library Room 303   Hours Mon-Fri 10-11PM  Sunday 6-11PM

Academic Support Services
 You may want to work with someone weekly and make sure your process and strategies are working as well as receiving assistance with the content of a course.  Then it is appropriate to request a tutor.  (How to get a tutor).  A tutor will discuss class structure, study and time management strategies, test preparation as well as specific content.  You and your tutor will schedule weekly meetings at a time when you have prepared (read material and completed as much of the homework as you understood).

How to Study
Many things impact a student's success.  Evaluate your process and learn how to study in a particular discipline, note-taking, time management and test preparation tips.  Please let us know if there is something you find particularly useful or if a link is not currently working.  If you have found something on-line that may be helpful to other students, please let us know so we can share it.  Study Resources Page

Your classmates are your learning community.  Introduce yourself to other students in your class.  Ask at least one person in every class for their phone number.  Discussing material with classmates develops a deeper understanding.  Compare notes; they may have caught something you missed.  Study together at least once a week.  This will clarify expectations and understand concepts deeper.

Academic Support Services

Phone: (920) 403-1321
Fax: (920) 403-4021

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