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Descriptive Student Questionnaire

This information will be provided to your St. Norbert College academic advisor. Please be as accurate and complete as possible. Attach relevant materials and/or provide explanations needed. Remember, the purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you with the best academic advisement possible.

Personal Information
*First name:
*Middle name:
*Last name:
*Gender: Male Female
*ZIP code:
*City of high school:
*State of high school:
*ZIP code of high school:
*List all colleges and universities you have attended, with the most recent first. Please include:

Name of institution, city, state and ZIP code
*Email address:

*I will be enrolling at St. Norbert College as a:

new freshman
freshman with advanced standing (took college-level courses while still in high school or earned college credit through CLEP, AP, IB, Youth Options, etc.)
transfer student
Educational Information
*Intended major (this will be used to assign an academic advisor:
*Academic area(s) of interest:
*Career area(s) of interest:
*Co-curricular involvement area(s) of interest:
*Comments about transfer/advanced standing credit:
Educational Evaluation
*Evaluate your English/writing skills: Very good
Good, above average
About average
Need to improve a bit
Lots of room for improvement
Evaluate your math skills; check courses completed in high school.
*Number of years of high school math:
*High school math courses completed: Algebra
Advanced Algebra
Math Analysis
Computer Science
If your answer above was “other,” indicate the math course you completed:
*Did you study a foreign language in high school: Yes  No
If your answer above was “yes,” indicate the language(s) and number of years studied:
*Evaluate your performance in foreign language in general: Very good
Above average
Below average
*Do you wish to either continue or take additional foreign language courses: Yes  No
If your answer above was “yes,” please indicate the foreign courses you are interested in:
*In what subjects/courses did you do your best work:
*In what subjects/courses did you have the most difficulty:
*What were your interests/activities in high school? (Include information on hobbies, community service, part-time employment, etc.)
*Comment briefly on your study habits:
Additional Information
*What questions or concerns would you like to discuss with your academic advisor when you start college?
*Why did you choose St. Norbert College?
Optional: Attach any relevant documents needed for the questionnaire below. Maximum file size is 1,024 KB. 
Students are reminded that they must have their final high school grades (eighth semester) sent directly to the Office of Admission before they enroll. Any CLEP, advanced placement or college credit reports must also be sent, at your request, to the Office of Admission before any notice of advanced standing can be issued.