PEP is our most exciting event of the year!

St. Norbert Application Program (SNAP)

Register today for St. Norbert’s Acceptance Program. You’ll be able to find out in a snap if you’re admitted. Through this event, you’ll gain the benefit of:

  • A personal interview with an admission representative to discuss your academic preparation and what St. Norbert College has to offer.
  • An immediate response concerning your admission decision, as long as you complete your application.
  • A tour of St. Norbert’s scenic campus including the library, residence halls and the campus center.

St. Norbert Acceptance Program
St. Norbert College
January 27-31, 2014
Individual appointments between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

To participate in this program, register below and be prepared to send in advance or bring with your:

  • completed application for admission
  • high school transcript
  • ACT/SAT results
  • personal statement
  • letter of recommendation

If you can’t get these items to us in advance, you’ll need to bring all of them with you, but it will be easier for you and us to have them in advance.

St. Norbert Acceptance Program (SNAP) Registration
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*High school:
*Graduation year:

*Name/Relation of person completing form if different than student above:
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*Date of Program:
*Time of Tour:
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Is any guest joining you on your visit to campus a graduate of St. Norbert? Yes No
If yes, please provide name(s), graduating year(s) and relation to student:
Would you or your family like a Spanish-speaking tour? Yes No
Do you or someone accompanying you on your visit require any special assistance related to any disability? Yes No
If yes, please provide any special accommodations that will be necessary so we can prepare for your visit to campus: