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St. Norbert College Multicultural Leadership Award Application

Please note that the required essay questions at the bottom of this page must be answered before submitting your application. For full consideration, please submit your application by the priority deadline of Jan. 1, 2017.

Part I: Personal Information
Personal information
First name Middle initial Last name
City County State ZIP code
Home phone number ( )        Cell phone number ( )
Email address

Academic information
High school Phone number ( )
GPA  Rank in class ACT composite/SAT scores

Race/Ethnicity Gender Do you plan to apply for financial aid?
If other:

Male Female

Yes No

Did your parents graduate from a four-year college?
Degree/graduation date
Degree/graduation date

Part 2: Résumé and Essay
If you’d rather attach your résumé and essays from a Word document or PDF, please submit only ONE document.

Leadership positions:
Describe leadership activities you have been involved in over the past four years.
Organization Position Duties Number of hours/week Dates

Volunteer work/community service:
Provide the total number of hours in volunteer work or community service.
Name of activity Duties Total number of hours Dates

List and describe the honors and awards you’ve received in high school.
Specify the type of award: 1-Academic, 2-Community Service, 3-Extracurricular (athletics, etc.)
Description of honor/award Type Date

Paid employment:
List employment that demonstrates leadership skills and community service.
Employer Position Duties Number of hours/week Dates

Essay questions:
NOTE: You MUST answer essay question #1, and choose to answer EITHER essay question #2 or #3 as your second topic.
1. What is diversity and what does it mean to you?
NOTE: Select ONE of the following:
2. Describe a time when you had to adapt to a wide variety of people by accepting/understanding their perspectives.
3. What have you done to further your knowledge/understanding of diversity? How have you demonstrated your learning?

Your information will be submitted to the office of admission. If you have any questions about the application form or the Multicultural Leadership Award, please call Maribeth Frinzi at 800-236-4878 or email

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