You’ll find a lot of options for work on or off campus, whether it’s an internship or just a side job to help pay for books. And we’ll help ensure that you can still balance studies, work and play, so you graduate in four years.

Investing in Your Education

Your investment in your college education returns much more than a degree; it also provides you with opportunities and experiences that help shape your life. We know this because our alumni repeatedly tell us that their St. Norbert education was a transformational experience.

We invite you to explore the scholarships, grants and other financial aid we offer. Try out our scholarship calculator to get an early estimate of the financial aid package you’ll receive. And know that, if you have any questions at all, we’re here to walk you through the financial aid maze to make sure you can afford a St. Norbert education.

Student Perspective

Haley Bray ’15 thought she needed to attend a large Division I school to find the pride, prestige, social life and academic challenge she wanted. Her parents encouraged her to consider less expensive state schools. A private college like St. Norbert wasn't even in the picture until she attended a preview day with a friend. She loved it!

After meeting with her family at our financial aid office, she says, "We were able to learn about some additional sources of aid that my family wasn't aware of. The whole experience made me feel like I was a person and not just another number like at the other schools I had visited.

"With other scholarships, academic awards, work study and grants, the cost of St. Norbert was only slightly higher than a state school would have been and offered a better educational program. With the increasing cost of state schools, my parents felt that, in the end, it was a better value. And I realized that I found all of the things I was looking for right here at St. Norbert College."