More than 12 percent of St. Norbert College students graduate in 3.5 years or less.

2014-15 Academic Year Costs

To help you determine what your costs are likely to be for a St. Norbert education, we’ve developed this chart. Add together the tuition, fees, meal plan and your room costs, then subtract the total amount of financial aid. The cost of books will vary greatly, so they havent been included here. 

$32,408 academic year tuition for full-time students taking three to four-and-a-half, 4-credit courses (12-18 credits) per semester. Students usually take four courses per semester.

Technology: $300
Activity: $150
Health: $150
Green: $15
Total Fees: $615

Meal Plans
Freshman or Sophomore (Platinum) = $4,293
Junior or Senior (Gold or Silver) = $2,883


Residence Hall Single Double Large Double End Room Triple w/Bath Quad
Burke $5,533 $3,950 $4,618 $4,909
Sensenbrenner $4,725 $5,114
Victor McCormick (VMC) $5,538 $4,992 $4,707
Lorraine $4,742 $4,867
Madelaine $4,742 $4,867
Bergstrom $4,638
Mary M. McCormick (MMM) $5,616 $4,946
Riverside Apartments $5,190
J. VanderZanden Apartments $4,878
Michels Hall $5,123
Townhouses $5,782
Carriage House (2-bedroom apartment) $5,626
Carriage House (1-bedroom apartment) $5,866
Convent $5,866
Rectory $5,866 $5,377
College-owned houses* $5,398-$5,855 $4,846-$5,304
Gries Hall** $6,120
Premontre and Xanten Apartments*** $6,120 (1-bedrm) $5,544 (2-bedrm)

*College-owned houses pay separate utility costs. Based on historical rate data, the utility costs are, on average, $45 per month per student, based on full occupancy of the housing unit.

**Academic year rate is $6,120 and the summer rate is $1,097. Students will be billed $3,060 per semester and $1,097 for the summer, for those who have the 11 1/2-month term.

***Academic year rate is $6,120 (1-bedroom) and $5,544 (2-bedroom) with a summer rate of $914. Eleven-month leases only. Students will be billed $3,060 (1-bedroom) or $2,772 (2-bedroom) for each semester and $914 for the summer.

Note: These costs are per student for the entire academic year, unless otherwise stated. Other limited room options have rates based on size and/or additional accommodations provided to the student.