Planning out a college career can be an intimidating task, but with the help of academic advisors, students are guided through the process.

Resources For Students

The following advisement paradigms are available as a resource in planning a schedule of courses. Each paradigm details a suggested sequence of courses to be taken over a four year period to complete graduation and major requirements. 2014-16 paradigms are available as PDF files below:

PDF Accounting
PDF Art - Fine Arts and Graphic Design
PDF Biology
PDF Business Administration
PDF Chemistry
PDF Communication and Media Studies
PDF Computer Science
PDF Economics
PDF Education
PDF English
PDF Environmental Science
PDF Geology
PDF History
PDF International Business and Language Area Studies

PDF International Studies
PDF Mathematics
PDF Modern Languages and Literatures - French, German, Spanish
PDF Music
PDF Music Education
PDF Philosophy
PDF Physics
PDF Political Science
PDF Psychology
PDF Theology and Religious Studies
PDF Sociology
PDF Theatre Studies
PDF Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Minors

: Students who enrolled prior to fall 2014 may use the appropriate paradigms below.