Did you get your photo taken with the abbot when you graduated?

Alumni & Parents

September 2011
Nick Fry ’08 asks: “What state has the highest population of SNC alumni, other than Wisconsin?”   

May 2010
Carla Cucciatti Overbeck ’66 asks: "After reading an article in the current St. Norbert College alumni magazine about married alumni who met at St. Norbert, I wonder if there are any other couples who met at Camp Tivoli (the Norbertine camp near Cecil, Wis.) the way my husband and I did. I am a St. Norbert alumna, and Julius was a counselor at the camp. We married a year after graduation and are still together."

September 2008
Grace Meyer '84 asks: "I know you keep up to date with events on campus. Are any of the social groups getting together during Reunion Weekend this fall? In particular, the women from No Nonsense? It would be great to catch up with them." 

June 2008
Billy Falk '08 asks: "As a recent graduate, I understand that I am now an official member of the St. Norbert College Alumni Association. I'm curious to know how long the alumni association has been in existence." 

July 2007
Mallory Kroon '06 asks: "My time at St. Norbert was made even better because of some great professors I had. I'm a teacher myself now, and I'd love to find a way that I can easily connect with some of the faculty. Is there a way that I can do this?" 

March 2007
Kristin Michails '03 asks: "As time passes from our graduation date I have started to lose track of some of my St. Norbert friends. Addresses change so fast as people get new jobs, shift careers or get married. Can you help me locate them?" 

February 2007
Olivia Dart '99 asks: "My husband and I met while we were students at St. Norbert College. I was wondering how many couples who met at St. Norbert are now married?"