Did you get your photo taken with the abbot when you graduated?

Campus Life at SNC

February 2013
Kathleen McKitrick ’11 asks: “Which current faculty member has been teaching at St. Norbert the longest?” 

May 2011
Brea Lee ’07 asks: “Where did students dine on campus prior to the Union Cafeteria?"

November 2009
Kat (Kilok) Herald '07 asks: "What are the most popular items at the caf nowadays? Chicken Caesar salad night and Pizza Hut night were always a hit when I was a student." 

July 2009
Christine Donovan '07 asks: "Dear Abbot Pennings, when I was a student, there was a white squirrel on campus. Is it still around?" 

July 2007
Mallory Kroon '06 asks: "My time at St. Norbert was made even better because of some great professors I had. I'm a teacher myself now, and I'd love to find a way that I can easily connect with some of the faculty. Is there a way that I can do this?"  

May 2007
Ann Hillman '04 asks: "What programs or fields of study are most commonly selected by current students? Are there newer academic programs now available to students at St. Norbert?" 

January 2007
"How did the college radio station come by its call letters?" 

December 2006
Cathleen "Kitty" (Leonard) Finn '82 asks: "The cafeteria served the most delicious broccoli cheese casserole. The chef, J.R., finally parted with the recipe and it's been a part of my family's celebrations ever since. What is the most popular meal for students at the cafeteria today?"