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SNC & the Green Bay Packers

August 2012
Dan King ’15 asks: “Did any former St. Norbert football players ever go on to play for the Green Bay Packers?”

September 2010
Tressa Boldt ’10 asks: “Is it true that a former Green Bay Packer player was involved in a St. Norbert Homecoming?” 

August 2009
Deirdre Gehant, parent and Packer fan asks: "Now August is here it will be preseason for football. Just what is the history of the relationship between the Packers and St. Norbert College? Is it true they hold their training camp on campus? Are the Green Knight cheerleaders also Packer cheerleaders? Is one of our priests also the priest to the Packers team? Any other interesting tidbits to share?" 

August 2008
Ragan Prucha Jorgensen '97 asks: "I'm curious to know how long the Green Bay Packers have been using St. Norbert College for training camp." 

September 2007
Brian Bunkelman '94 asks: "You referred to the St. Norbert school colors in last month's letter. What is the origin of the Green and Gold - did we take them from the Packers?"