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St. Norbert College Alumni Love Stories

Did you know that over 3,000 St. Norbert College graduates fell in love and married a fellow classmate? Below you’ll find a few stories that were shared in celebration of our “Wedding Party” events, held in 2010 and 2013. 

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Cindy (Hart) ’66 & Bob Barczak ’66
Married: Aug. 27, 1966

“We actually knew each other in high school in Milwaukee, but did not date at the time. If truth be told I had my eye on Cindy ever since high school so I was thrilled that she was gong to St. Norbert, too. Freshman year was a bit tough for a romance since a number of upper-class men put the moves on Cindy, so I had to be patient. Persistence paid off in a big way when we got married in August of 1966. Couldn’t have worked out better.”

Richard and Gloria Bins
Married: July 13, 1974  

“I was boarding the big PanAm jet to fly to London on the first-ever SNC Art and History Tour of Europe in July 1967. I had never flown before and I settled into my wonderful window seat only to find it wasn’t mine! Richard had the window seat! We had a heated discussion regarding the window seat (I lost.) I was upset at first, but quickly settled into the flight but enjoyed meeting Richard – AND discovering he was on the SNC Tour! I learned he loved SNC as much as I did. I learned he was a Premontre High graduate with deep faith, wonderful values and loving parents. We talked and talked. We became part of a growing group of new SNC friends during the tour. By the time we flew home in September we were indeed friends. The ‘friends’ became ‘best friends’ and the ‘best friends’ fell in love. Our love is still shining and growing thanks to SNC and that fateful plane ticket! Abbott (Emeritus) Jerome Tremel presided at our wedding on July 13, 1974. The temperature was 103 degrees. We keep in close touch with “Fr. Jerome” and we are so blessed to have him in our lives for all these years.” 

The Bollom's

Mary (Haderer) ’85 & Steven Bollom ’85

Married: July 11, 1987 

The Bruess'Carol (Sessler) ’90 & Brian Bruess ’90
Married: Dec. 13, 1991 

“First semester, first year at SNC: we met and the rest, as they say, is history. From evenings dancing atop Tommie’s lighted floor to Sunday evening mass holding hands amid the carpeted pews of Old St. Joe’s, our lives together began at St. Norbert and continue happily today (21 years of marriage plus another 5 of dating, 2 kids, 1 dog and 1 leopard gecko equals lots of glad moments) in St. Paul, Minn. Inspired by the grand wisdom and love of Dr. Tom Faase, we study and practice kindness in our marriage, every day (well, almost every day). And well we better, since Carol’s profession (a researcher, teacher, author of marriage and family communication) makes Brian the Midwest’s tallest human communication guinea pig. And Brian’s profession (at the nation’s largest Catholic university for women) makes for high expectations among the women in his life (i.e., Carol.) Thanks, SNC, for getting us off to a great start on a blessed life.”

The Campions

Barbara (Schuerings) ’68 & James Campion ’69
Married: Aug. 2, 1969 

“We have been married for 40 years and have been blessed with three daughters, 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson.”

Susan (Jackson) ’61 & Robert Cavera ’62
Married: Sept. 1, 1962 

“Susan and I met and began dating at a Winter Carnival event. Actually, I had always known who Susan was; there weren’t that many women on campus for me to be unable to keep track, and she, indeed, stood out. We had our engagement blessed in 1961 in the chapel in Sensenbrenner Hall and it has been a joy ever since. Bob continues to be a ’work in progress’ and Susan continues to grow in patience and other applicable character qualities.”

Kristin (Michails) '03 & Evan Celing '03Kristin (Michails) ’03 & Evan Celing ’03
Married: June 9, 2007 

“Evan and I met our freshman year in college when he was visiting a mutual friend in Burke. We were acquaintances throughout college and even lived across the hall from each other in Riverside our junior year. However, we didn’t start dating until after graduation.

“A different mutual friend ran into Evan at a bar one Thursday night and I ended up inviting him out with us the next night. We went out again on Saturday, shared our first kiss and realized we were working 2 miles from each other. We made plans to meet that Monday for lunch. After lunch, we made plans to have dinner that night and ending up going out every night that week.

“Two years later, we got engaged and were married the following summer. The Rev. James P. Neilson, O.Praem., officiated the wedding, which made it an even more special day. Many of our favorite memories from our wedding are tied to our SNC friends and Evan’s fraternity brothers. 

“We have two children: a daughter, Madison, and a son, Michael.”

Kathryn (Kathy) Lisch ’72 & Thomas (Tom) Collins ’72
Married: June 8, 1973 

“Tom and I were in an education class together, not until the last semester at college. We went on a great picnic at High Cliff right after we graduated and were engaged a few weeks later.”

Katie (Wieszcholek) ’95 & Jim Culotta ’95
Married: June 21, 1996 

“My parents and aunt and uncle all went to SNC, met their love during freshman year and got married. I referred to it as the family curse. I was pretty sure if I dated someone my freshman year I would be destined to marry them. I met Jim through our mutual friend, Denise Kvaas. He asked who I was and she mentioned I needed a date to our hall dance. She told me he was interested. Weirdo that I was, I found that suspicious since he didn’t know me and I was trying to avoid falling in love my freshman year. But I gave in and went to the dance with him. And despite all my attempts to resist falling in love with Jim (including hiding in the Bergstrom bathrooms and being as difficult as possible), he won me over and I fell head over heels in love.”

Monica and Christopher
Monica (Sabor) ’93 & Christopher 
Cypcar ’93
Married: July 3, 1993 

“We started dating Christmas of our junior year, but knew each other before that through friends and Circle K. Chris gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday and I knew something good had started. We were engaged the summer between our junior and senior year and married at Old St. Joe’s (back when the carpet was green) following graduation. All through graduate school, a move to France twice, moves to four states, and three wonderful children, we are still going strong 20 years later. The memories and friendship we built at SNC gave us a strong foundation for a blessed marriage and family life.”

Cheryl & Ron

Cheryl (Globis) ’82 & Ron DiNella ’82
Married: May 25, 1985 

“We were married on May 25, 1985, surrounded by dozens of our SNC classmates. Those friendships are still going strong almost 28 years later!”

Helen (Fink) ’65 and Dale De Villers ’68
Married: June 21, 1974 

“In the fall of 1968, through the student-teaching scheduling efforts of a dear nun, Sr. Mary Angelica of the Education Department, I became Helen Fink’s practice teacher in 5th grade at Valley View School in Ashwaubenon, Wis. We didn’t start dating until a few years later when we were both involved as officers in the teacher’s union.

“Our first date was a golf lesson from Helen’s uncle, who was a golf pro in Scotland. Because of his heavy Scottish accent, we did not understand much of his advise. Consequently, we didn’t fare too well at golf. I did, though, come to clearly understand the meaning of the term “divot”. We have never golfed since, but I clearly scored a hole-in-one when I married lovely Helen, my cooperating teacher from a few years earlier, on June 21, 1974, at St. Francis Church in Hollandtown. Three years later on June 8, 1977, we were blessed with a son, Zachary David. It was the end of the school year; I still remember who our substitute teachers were.

“Helen spent her entire teaching career, except for one year of teaching in Illinois, in the Ashwaubenon School District and I spent 35 years in the same district. We retired in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Helen and I renewed our wedding vows at 30 years at St. Agnes Church. When this wonderful Wedding Party opportunity came up, we figured why not renew our vows at 36 years at our new Parish of Old St. Joe’s on the campus of St. Norbert College where it really all began with my student teaching experience in ’68. We so dearly love the college and the Norbertines that we are both in formation to become Norbertine Associates this fall.

“There is surely more wonderfulness, excitement and happiness to tell, but not in this limited space to the right! Thank you SNC and thank you Sr. Angelica for making a ‘love connection.’ We don’t think you knew it at the time, but, well, maybe you did!”

Judith (Hoffman) ’87 & Daniel Dudek ’85
Married: May 17, 1997 

“We met one month before Danny graduated. He was having party in his room; and a mutual friend invited me along. We became friends and spent a lot of time together after that.  Our long, close friendship is the foundation of our relationship and our love story.”

Andy and BridgetBridget (O’Hern) ’04 & Andy Duffrin ’02
Married: June 25, 2011 

“True to St. Norbert tradition, Andy and Bridget met in Rhodes, a popular college bar at the time.  However, they both had their eyes on each other long before. Bridget worked in the SNC payroll office her sophomore year. Across the hall, Andy was in a class and they would often look and smile at each other. Bridget went back to her dorm and told her girlfriends about a cute boy across the hall from the payroll office. Andy and his buddies would talk about the ‘girl from payroll.’
“Rhodes proved to be the right spot for Andy and Bridget to finally meet. The rest is history.”
Janice Griffing '77 & Scott Dwyer '76
Married: September of 1978

"Our sophomore year, Scott was our intramural football coach. We then went to a sock hop in the Union builing. We went to a TLU fraternity event as a couple. I graduated from St. Norbert's. Scott transferred to Eastern Illinois University after his sophmore year. We continued to date long distance while in college. We married in September 1978, moved to California in 1981. Celebrating 36 years this year."

Nancy and Thomas Gibbons
Nancy (Middendorf) ’70 & Thomas Gibbons
Married: May 15, 1971 

“We met early in sophomore year at SNC. Tom died on Jan. 16, 2009, but our many years together were happy and blessed.”

Polly (Sorenson) ’78 & Bob Hackett '77
Married: November 18, 1978  

"As any respectful sophomore would do I came to school early in the fall of 1974 to meet the new class of Freshman at their Freshman Orientation and met Polly. I am happy to report she wouldn't leave me alone and insisted that after we both graduated that we get married. After that four years of badgering I gave in and in 1978 we married and this year we celebrate 36 years of marriage. Thanks SNC for the best partner in the world and some of the fondest memories of college a man could have."

The Healys

Amy (Tazioli) ’05 & Jim Healy ’06
Married: Sept. 26, 2008 

“In 2004 Amy studied abroad in London with one of my best friends at the time, Mary Bishea ’06. Over the course of the semester, as she got to know Amy, she slowly started to realize that she desperately needed to play ‘match-maker’ with the two of us because our personalities were so similar. Shortly after coming home, Mary introduced me to Amy at a Christmas-themed mixer at her house on 3rd Street. I had no idea that people were dressing up in their favorite Christmas-themed outfits, so when I got there I was the only one NOT in costume. Not the greatest first impression, I’ll admit, but we had a great conversation that night and exchanged phone numbers. After weeks of texting, instant messaging on AIM, and Facebooking, she invited me to attend an Untouchables dance at the local VFW and the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been happily married for coming up on five years and, in March, celebrated the birth of our son, Jack.”  

Jean (Van Handel) ’72 & Robert Hruska ’71
Married: June 2, 1972  
“Bob and I studied together in one of the rooms on the chemistry floor and were lab partners long before we began dating. He proposed on the banks of the Fox River at the college in July of 1971.”

Kathleen and Dave

Kathleen (Kelley) ’67 & Dave Hutchison ’65

“Kathleen and I met in the cafeteria food line. She was serving mashed potatoes and I immediately asked for an extra helping. When I took the potatoes back to the table, my buddies, Jim Zabransky and Dave Jauquet, asked me why it took so long. And one of them said, ‘Hutchie’s in love.’ And I was.
“Eight daughters, five sons-in-law and 12 grandkids later, we still love to go back to St. Norbert College to football games and other alumni events. I have also been privileged to be a Norbertine associate for the past few years.”

Ami (Bond) ’94 & Patrick Hyde ’93
Married: Oct. 5, 2002 

“I met Ami as an RA and helped move her in during September 1990. Her mom commented, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if you got married to someone like that?’ Ami was more interested in just being a freshman. In college, we were friends of friends and did not date at all. In 2001, I saw Ami at Barnes and Noble in Appleton. She said “Hi” and I asked her for a date – not at a later time, but a date for that very night. It was Friday, July 13, 2001. She went back to her home in Green Bay and changed clothes and we met up for our date a few hours later. Five months later we were engaged. Now we have three beautiful daughters and live in Appleton. Our bookstore meeting had a fairy tale ending.”

The Jahnke's


Jennifer (Jandourek) ’92 & Todd Jahnke ’93
Married: June 19, 1993 





The Janes

Elaine (Johnson) ’92 & Richard Janes ’88
Married: June 4, 1988 

“We started dating in junior high and were dating through high school. Elaine spent her freshman year in college at UW-Stevens Point and transferred to SNC in 1985. We graduated from SNC and were married two weeks after graduation. Rick came to SNC on a four-year ROTC scholarship and, after we were married, Rick spent a short time as a recruiter at SNC in the ROTC department. We spent the next five years on active duty in the military. We lived in three different states and two different countries while in the military. Our oldest daughter, Brittany, was born in Germany and our youngest daughter, Morgan, was born in Oklahoma. We got out of the military to quit moving and raise our family. This plan did not work out as well as we would have liked. We have moved 15 times in the last 22 years. We have finally moved back to our roots in Wisconsin. Elaine owns her own business and Rick is a plant manager in the food industry.”

Clarice ‘Boots’ (Krawczyk) ’58 & Norm Jarock ’58
Married: June 17, 1958 

“We were married on June 17, 1958 by three priests – one was our good friend, Father Simon Becker (Biology & Athletic Dept. Chaplain). Father Burke, then SNC president, attended the ceremony. We had no money, no car and no furniture, but we had potential!”

Maribeth and Kevin Karpinksi

Maribeth (Borkovec) & Kevin Karpinski ’84
Married: June 1, 1991

Mike and Mary Kinderman
Mary (Riedy) ’82 & Mike Kinderman ’83

Married: Aug. 6, 1983 

“Our friends set us up on a blind date for a Sensenbrenner Dinner Dance. Surprisingly we had a great time. Our relationship continued with fond memories of campus Winter Carnivals, late-night snacks at the Knight Club, sporting events, Madrigal dinners, musical performances, walks along the Fox and memories of The Abbey (both of them). We were married at Old St. Joe’s on Aug. 6, 1983. We now have four children and will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this summer.”

The Mancl's

Anne (Nelson) ’90 & Dave Mancl ’90
Married: June 26, 1993 

“Both opposed to earning the MRS. or MR. degree from SNC, we went to college prepared to stay stoically single and academically focused. Good thing God had other plans. We first met in the lobby of Burke Hall our freshman year – 1986. We became friends when we both were involved in Student Government that fall – Dave was treasurer and Anne was secretary. Dr. Neulip was our adviser.

“We also both worked at the Student Union for years – Dave worked as maintenance staff and later as conference coordinator. Anne cleaned offices and never advanced from that position. We have some great memories of working with Steve Heron, Chuck Wilson, Sue Baier and Mary Jo Morris. We ‘officially’ started dating in 1987 when Dave asked Anne to the very first TKE Red Carnation Ball, which was held at the Union. Many other TKE and No Nonsense mixers and dinner dances followed. Several nights a week we’d get kicked out of the Todd Wehr library at midnight – not for studying, but for talking. We were solving the world’s problems, after all. Sometimes we’d go into Green Bay to the movies, or stay on campus for madrigals, Battle of the Air Bands, house parties or trips to the Abbey, Tommy’s or Baba Louie’s. Our parents met during graduation weekend in May 1990 during brunch at the Fox Run.

“After dating for six years, we married at Old St. Joe’s on June 26, 1990 – the same year it was completely under construction. In fact, Turba Photography photographed Anne on the bulldozer in front of the church in her wedding dress. Our reception was held at the Union, with cocktails on the patio and dinner and dancing upstairs. Every year since our wedding, we have tried to return to campus to re-calibrate the memories and to create some new ones. It’s an understatement to say that St. Norbert holds special magic for us – today.”

The MacLeans

Amy (Vrabel) ’95 & Matt MacLean ’95
Married: Dec. 28, 1996 

“Amy and I knew each other all through school, but did not start dating until March of our senior year. Most of our friends figured we wouldn’t last because we were so different. Thirteen years and three kids later, we are still different ... and still together.”

The ManningsMegan (Nugent) ’95 & Michael Manning ’95
Married: Oct. 28, 2000 

“Our love story began in the fall of 1991, although we did not know it. I lived in Lorraine, and Mike lived in Madelaine. The ladies of 2nd floor Lor often hung out with the men of 3rd floor Mad. Junior year, Mike began driving me home for all of the school breaks. Both being from Illinois, Mike would drop me off at the Lake Forest Oasis. I would talk for hours (that’s right, just me) while I searched the radio for the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. I thought how nice he was to let me control the radio and what a great listener he was. Little did I know that he was the only boy in a family with three sisters. He was an expert at tuning me and Whitney Houston out and knew just the right time to respond to all my babbling with a “yes” or “I see”.  

“Well, graduation day passed and three years later while celebrating a friend’s birthday in Chicago (thanks Dace!), Mike started talking and I finally started listening. The more I listened, the more I liked Mike and we fell in love. We continue to carpool to Illinois for breaks but this time it’s for our children’s school breaks instead of our own.”

Joe and Trisha McCullochTrisha (Schmitz) ’08 & Joe McCulloch ’07
Married: June 12, 2010

“Joe and I met in a political science class. We did not start talking right away, but once we started talking we never stopped! We even started showing up earlier and earlier for class just to talk to each other. After the political science class ended, we did not see each other until after winter break. We might not have even talked to each other after that class if there wasn’t a fateful night where we ran into each other on campus and one of my roommates invited him back to our dorm room in Michels to play “Apples to Apples”. I guess she sensed a budding romance! We started hanging out more and more as friends and study partners. We noticed that when we went to the library to study, we spent more time talking than studying. Eventually we had to move up to the third floor – which was the no talking floor – just to make sure we got our homework done. Our roommates kept asking if there was anything going on between the two of us, but we would deny it and say we were just friends. Finally my roommates decided enough was enough and that we should go on a date. We ended up double-dating with one of my roommates.

“We went to Olive Garden and a St. Norbert hockey game. Both of us finally realized that there was something more between us and we began dating in March of 2006. In November of 2008 we got engaged and I knew that we had to have our engagement pictures taken on campus! In 2010 we were married by Father Sal at Old St. Joe’s Church, had our pictures taken at Lambeau (there’s even one of us doing the Lambeau leap), and had our wedding reception at Brett Favre’s Steakhouse. We have lived in Missouri for the past four years but we make sure to visit campus whenever we are in Wisconsin to see where our love story began. No matter how many miles separate us from St. Norbert, we will forever be grateful for our time on campus and we will always be Cheeseheads!” 

Jill and Nate
Jill (Schmidt) ’04 & Nate Meyer ’04

Married: July 23, 2011 

We met while attending SNC, where we were both physics majors. We first met in one of the large lecture halls in JMS during general physics, freshman year. Despite our paths crossing many times while at SNC, and even having a modern physics class where we were the only two students, we did not start dating until after graduation. We had both relocated to Madison for graduate school and had kept in touch. We started dating in 2007, Nate proposed in August 2010 along the Fox River on the SNC campus, and we got married on July 23, 2011, at Old St. Joe’s.

The Muenster-Blakley

Sarah Muenster-Blakley ’07 & Mike Muenster-Blakley ’07
Married: Nov. 15, 2008 

“Our love story happens in a triumvirate of meetings. When I turned 21, I had just gotten back from London and had barely met Mike, but had seen him before. He was on the resident assistant staff in MMM, and I thought he was adorable! He bought me a drink at the Keweenaw for my birthday, just because he thought I was cute. The following summer, just before our senior year, I was working as a housing assistant in Sensenbrenner and responded to a fire alarm in Burke. Poor Mike had been in the shower when the fire alarm went off, and on top of that it was raining like crazy. I saw him and thought he was gorgeous (not to mention soaking wet and only dressed in a small towel). Then, Mike and I were on the residence life staff in VMC our senior year. I was an assistant hall director and Mike was a resident assistant and we were ‘not allowed’ to date another RA on the same staff. Even though we had encounters previously, we still didn’t know each other well. We quickly became an item, realized that one of us might have to move out of VMC, and set up a meeting to receive permission from Corday Goddard to date and remain on the same staff. Our wish was granted (thanks Corday!), and we got married two years later.”

Elisabeth (Witt) '98 and Michael Mulvey '98Elisabeth (Witt) ’98 and Michael Mulvey ’98
Married: June 22, 2001  

“I met Michael my first day on campus. A group of us from third floor Lor were walking around the campus that first night and saw this guy in a baseball cap out practicing his baseball swing in the grotto near 3M. It sounds a little creepy, but actually he was very friendly. When I had my first class on that first day of freshman year he walked into the room and asked if the seat next to me was taken. We were study partners, then friends, then (by sophomore year) dating. I was sure it wouldn’t work and we were messing up a terrific friendship; he was sure it would work and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was right, as it turns out, and he reminds me of it every year. We’ve been together for 17 years, traveled the world together and had five children. Life has been a great adventure, and I’m still happily in love with my best friend and Poli-Sci study partner. And I still find him practicing his (golf) swing in the dark. It always reminds me of that first meeting at SNC.”

The Nimmers

Becky (Schill) ’96 & Ken Nimmer ’96
Married: 06/13/1998

“Ken and I were introduced by a mutual SNC friend during the fall of our sophomore year (1993). We officially started dating that fall when I asked Ken to be my date for a hayride for my social/service organization on campus. We dated all the way through the remainder of our SNC years. Ken took me completely by surprise and proposed to me during January of our senior year, down by the river behind the campus apartments. Since our families are from Campbellsport and Kewaunee, we spent that entire evening and into the wee hours of the morning driving over five hours to tell both of our parents and all of our siblings, since we thought the good news deserved more than a phone call! We were married on June 13, 1998, at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in my hometown of Campbellsport. But we kept the SNC and Norbertine spirit by asking Norbertine Fr. Gery Meehan to officiate the ceremony. Our love for each other and St. Norbert has brought us to now call West De Pere our home, where we currently live with our three children. St. Norbert will always be a very special place to us!”

O'ConnorsBridget (Krage) ’93 & Jeff O’Connor ’93
Married: May 16, 1998 

“Jeff and I were married on May 16, 1998 – five years to the day of our SNC graduation. We were surrounded by our SNC friends and my “Boniface Sisters” who lived in the Boniface Convent our senior year of college.

“In the 12 years since then, Jeff and I have returned to the SNC Community. I work here and we are members of the Old St. Joe’s Parish. In fact, our five-year-old, Patrick, was baptized here.

“Jeff and I reunited after getting our first jobs in Madison and running into each other at an SNC Homecoming game. We realized we lived near each other and the rest, as they say, is history.

“While SNC wasn’t where we dated, it is were we first met and became good friends. We shared many classes and often revisit lessons learned with Dr. Lukens, Rabbi Vineburg, Dr. Wong and many others. We also fondly remember all the study sessions with friends who we are still close with today.”

The Okrays

Amber (Wene) ’06 & John Okray ’06

Married: July 7, 2009 

“We met during our sophomore year during the Knight Theater Production of “Kiss Me Kate.” Things started out as friendship and eventually evolved into something more. When Amber studied abroad in London in the spring semester of 2005, John decided to visit her and they spent time together in London and Paris. Since then, we have been together and were very lucky to be married at Old St. Joe’s and have our reception at Lambeau Field. St. Norbert College and the Green Bay Packers are two of our shared loves!”

The Perkins

Irene (Wanke) ’65 & Randy Perkins ’65
Married June 10, 1967 

“We met in Professor Londo’s English class during the second semester of our freshman year. It took me awhile, but I finally asked her for a date. We walked across the bridge to see ‘Ben Hur’. We dated throughout college except for our junior year when Reney, who was a French major, studied in Paris. The rest is history.”

Barbara (Kleuskens) ’84 & Dan Peterson ’86

“Dan and I can thank Cindy Barnett for the reason that we met. Cindy was the adviser for the Commuter Student Association (CSA) and the club had become defunct. She asked me to resurrect the club and Dan came to the first meeting. In order to fund CSA, Cindy arranged for us to work the Potpourri spring concert. $300 went to CSA and tips were pooled for a party at my parent’s house. Dan was in charge of the beer and we were getting along splendidly when he announced that he had to leave to pick up his girlfriend! We became very good friends through CSA. When he finally asked me out I had technically graduated and just had a semester abroad to study. Before I left for France, Dan popped the question in the parking lot at Schuldes. We were married on Friday, June 13, 1986 at Old St. Joe’s – two years to the day when he first asked me out. We requested that our friends be respectfully at the Mass, but after the ceremony our crazy friends had their fun with black cats, mock tuxedos, Pizza Pit delivery to the head table, Hawaiian shirts, etc. One of my parents’ friends asked how much we paid for the entertainment and she replied, ’That’s just Dan and Barb’s friends from St. Norbert and Abbott Pennings.’”

Liz (Carrol) ’77 & Kim Pierce ’76
Married: Sept. 3, 1977 

"Kim and Liz (Carroll) Pierce met in an eight o’clock English class (American Novel), during their junior and freshman year. Kim stopped coming to class once it was clarified that attendance was not mandatory, which gave little opportunity to get to know each other. Their first date included the two of them going out for pizza after a SNC basketball game. Little did Liz realize that Kim would actually play 
in the basketball game. Kim and Liz were married Sept. 3, 1977."

Kathy (Wisniewski) ’79 & Tom Powers ’77
Married: June 16, 1979 

“In 1975 Tom was president of SNC’s first co-ed dorm (Madeline-Lorraine). The dorm had a dinner dance and the guys escorted the girls over to the Memorial Union for the evening. As it turned out Toms ‘date’ left for another commitment and Kathy’s got wasted, so Tom was nice enough to escort Kathy back to Lorraine. They went out the next four nites. Four adult children and 34 married years later they’re still going out.”

Ellen (Schmitt) ’76 & Lorrin Runnoe ’78
Marrried: June 1983

“My husband and I did not meet at St. Norbert College, but we both graduated from there. We were married in June of 1983. We have five children. Two graduated from St. Thomas, one from St. Cloud, and one is attending River Falls, ND. Our youngest will attend St. Thomas next year. Our niece Nicole Meyer, attends St. Norbert now. Looking forward to revisiting!”

Nicole and Andy Schemmel

Nicole (Dixon) ’07 & Andy Schemmel ’07
Married: 05/31/08

“Andy and Nicole met at freshmen orientation in the summer before freshman year, as they were in the same orientation group. They were happy to find out that they were both planning on majoring in biology, and kept in touch during the summer with a couple of emails. As school began, they found themselves in a few classes together and became friends until second semester sophomore year, when they started dating. This May, Andy and Nicole will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. They have a 10-month-old daughter and a four-year-old dog.”

The Schills
Jen (O’Hern) ’98 & Ben Schill

“Ben and I were set up for a BUD mystery dance our freshman year. BUD was one of the social groups on campus. One of my friends went to high school with Ben and thought we would have fun together. Needless to say that we had a great time and dated throughout our years at SNC!”

Mike and Jackie
Jackie (Bork) ’90 & Mike Schimke ’89
Married: 3/28/92

We first met at the beginning of the 1987-88 school year at the Abbey Bar. We had mutual friends who introduced us. We were friends for a year before we started dating. Our first date was a Homecoming dance in 1988. Mike graduated in 1989 and Jackie (Bork) in 1990. We were married March 28, 1992, and recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary! We have been blessed with three daughters ages 18, 15, and 11. Jackie has two siblings who are also SNC alums married to SNC alums!

Kelly & Dan SchneemanKelly  (Klein) ’07 & Dan Schneeman ’06
Married: 10/29/11

“Dan and I met at SNC in Hebrew Scriptures class in the fall of 2003. We sat next to
each other and became friends instantly. We started dating the following year, and the rest is history. :) We had the honor of having Father Jay Fostner, O.Praem as our officiant, which made the day even more special for both Dan and I.”

Ann and Roman

Ann (Malooly) ’03 & Roman Seckel ’02
Married: 5/28/2005

“We both had strong family connections to St. Norbert that influenced our decisions to attend the college.  Ann’s mother graduated in the class of 1972, and Roman followed three of his older siblings to St. Norbert.  While we knew each other as acquaintances due to our fraternity and sorority’s activities, our relationship first began to take root when we were introduced by a friend just before Fr. Cornell’s Legislative Politics course in January 2001.  During the course of that semester we became better friends as we studied together and attended the same dances and mixers.  The next year, we studied together more for Dr. Duquette’s Classical and Medieval Political Thought course.  We seemed to make excuses to hang out with each other and began to enjoy numerous nights out at Baba Louies and happy hours at the Abbey Bar.  Soon it became obvious to everyone but us that our friendship was something more.

“We officially started dating the November after Roman graduated from SNC and began law school in St. Paul.  After Ann graduated and returned to the Chicago area, Roman transferred to John Marshall Law School in Chicago so we could be closer.  We were engaged a year later and began planning our St. Norbert wedding. We were married at Old St. Joes on May 28, 2005, in a Mass officiated by Fr. Jim Nielson and Ann’s childhood pastor, Fr. Gene Faucher.  The reception followed at the Union where we had previously shared many a cafeteria meal.

“After a honeymoon in Door County, we returned to Illinois where Roman began studying for the bar and Ann continued to work in downtown Chicago.  Roman passed the bar in July and began working as an attorney for Drendel & Drendel in Batavia, Illinois.  Eighteen months later we welcomed our son Joseph and Ann became a stay-at-home mom.  Joseph was followed 25 months later by his sister, Kathleen. 

“As we have recently celebrated our five-year anniversary, we continu to remember how blessed we are in our life together and how St. Norbert played a role in it.”

The SItters

Heather (Kraemer) ’96 & Michael Sitter ’95

Married: 09/11/98

Jordan Zeni '13 and Dan Sjoquist '11

Jordan Zeni ’13 and Dan Sjoquist ’11
Wedding Date: 07/05/14

Dan and I grew up in the same hometown, Kingsford, Michigan. We both graduated from Kingsford High School and then both went to St. Norbert College. We were friends growing up, but never dated. We started dating in January 2010 and the rest is history. Our wedding is planned for July 5th, 2014 in our hometown. We both still consider De Pere a “second home” and we hope to move back to the area someday. St. Norbert gave us so many memories and friendships that will last a life time.


Julie (Beno) ’90 & Brian Skaletski ’89

Married: 06/29/1991

“We actually met at the old St. Boniface church in April, 1986. Brian was a freshman at SNC and Julie was a senior in high school. She had just been accepted to SNC. Brian was on a ‘serious’ journey to become a physician and figured he didn’t have time for a girlfriend. Thank God we both were going to SNC (and that Julie was determined!!). It was a bond that held us together. We studied together every night and now share so many wonderful memories of our days together at SNC.”

The Sladeks

Carolyn (Knapp) ’89 & Dave Sladek ’88
Married: 06/21/91

“Carolyn walked into Old St Joseph Church to join the choir which I was directing. All I remember is how she shined as I stammered through introductions for the incoming freshman. I was blessed to share an education class with her that year during which she called me to the front to show case her ‘lucky ducky’ teaching demonstration ... and I stammered. A HOGS party served as our first unofficial date. We shared our first kiss on the steps of Sensenbrenner Hall. I asked her to marry me with an Edelweiss blossom which I brought back from Austria in 1990. Again I stammered. We have been blessed with four beautiful children and cherish every moment we share together to this day. She was and still is the most beautiful person I know. And I am still stammering.”

Evvie (Brunnete) ’59 & Donald Smith ’59
Married: 11/26/60

“Don says his first remembrance of me was during our sophomore year as I struggled over his legs and others to get to my seat by the window during a math class. He recalls how I would open the window to let in the cold air much to others’ chagrin. Then we did not have any contact until the fall of our junior year when he chased a football that was thrown by a friend in my direction. He asked me to attend the sock hop that weekend. I said yes and shortly after that first dance, he asked me to be Prom Queen since he would be King, being the junior class president. I was taken aback but said yes with the stipulation that if spring came around and he found someone else he would rather take to the prom, to just tell me. During that winter and spring we wore out our boots and shoes walking around the campus and getting to know each other. We even had a favorite tree under which we would linger but, alas, that tree lost its place to progress. I was very involved with Collegiate Players. Don would be there at the door to meet me when rehearsals were over. The cast began to call him ‘Stage Door Donny’. I am still involved in theater for children and adults and he is still my ‘Stage Door Donny.’”

The Spudes
Jill (McEwen) ’79 & John Spude ’80

Married: June 14, 1980

“My senior year Homecoming Weekend (October 1978), John had planned to go home for the weekend to duck hunt, but did not. My high school boyfriend from Marquette could not come because of an engineering exam. To boost my spirits my housemates decided to take me out to the bars to cheer me up. After the bars closed, we heard about a house party at the Kappa Chi house on Stewart Street. We were all Alpha Sigma Chi girls and lived just across the street.

“At 3 a.m. I found myself sitting next to one of our KX neighbors. “Did you ask her yet?” I heard several of John’s frat brothers echo. Finally the question was asked. “Do you have a date? Do you want to go to Homecoming?” Not even knowing the name of my future date I said ‘Yes.’ By the time our homecoming evening had ended we were sitting on the bank of the Fox River, watching the sun come, up talking about what a fantastic time we had had
together. By Thanksgiving, my boyfriend was no more and John proposed six months later. We were married June 14, 1980, one month after John graduated.”

SternigElizabeth (Stelow) '00 and Matt Sternig '01
Married: June 16, 2001

"Mark worked in one of the computer labs on campus and back in this day, not everyone had a computer!  I needed to use one almost daily for all the papers I was writing and all the economics homework I had.  For some reason, I always needed just a little help and Mark was always available. (Such a great employee.)  I was a junior, Mark a sophomore.

Time went by and Mark played kickball pretty frequently with his fraternity Delta Upsilon out in the field near what is now known as Michaels Hall.  During those sunny spring afternoons, I would find some time to get out and roller blade with a friend and we would always take the same route, past that field.  Mark played in the outfield and always was smiling.

Finally the day, er night came where we both had some extra "courage" and we started to talk more about our lives, our families and each other.  We dated and summer came, one more year of school for me, 2 for Mark. We dated that next year and were engaged in the summer of 2000, married in 2001.  Our wedding was a celebration with so many friends from college in attendance.  It was the last time I have seen some of them as they moved out of state or even out of country, but every single one of them was a special part of our day and our life at St. Norbert College."

Kim (Lopas) Sullivan ’95 & Matt Sullivan ’95

“My husband, Matt Sullivan, and I met at freshman orientation. A group of us were in the Pennings Activity Center (PAC) gym playing volleyball and some guy kept hitting the ball to me. So, I figured either I was the weak spot on the team (a very real possibility) or he was interested. Turns out it was some of both.

“We started dating the fall of our freshman year and dated our entire four years ... almost. There was a period of about 72 hours our junior year where we ‘kind of’ broke up. You see, I had this idea that maybe we should see other people for a while to confirm or deny what we had. Matt, unfortunately, was not of the same mind. When he walked out of my townhouse that night, I thought it was over for good.

“That same night I had a meeting over at Campus Ministry to help plan an upcoming retreat. I can tell you, I wasn’t much help in planning for that retreat. Before I knew it, I was crying in Fr. Jim Baraniak’s office. He told me to bring Matt in so we could all have a talk. Matt and I both had great respect and affection for Fr. Jim. We had known him for several years by that time. We thought of him as part of our extended family. He was, and is, funny, warm, approachable and dedicated to the students.

“It is within this context of familiarity and understanding that we were able to talk with Fr. Jim and work things out. That meeting changed our lives forever. We didn’t break up. Our relationship grew stronger, and our faith with it. Fr. Jim presided over our wedding two years later. Five years after that we moved back ‘home’ to De Pere where Fr. Jim baptized our son and then later, our daughter. So, yes, St. Norbert College holds a special place in our hearts. It brought us together and has kept us together.”

Rich and Beth

Beth (Hill) ’89 & Richard Tengowski ’87
Married: 09/01/1990

“Rich is two years ahead of me in school and was the ‘band slave’ as they loving called his position in the music department. I was the choir librarian but we did not meet in the music department. I did not like him because he walked around like he owned the place and he did not like me because I was a loud annoying freshman who talked with her friends at breakfast in the Shield room while he tried to study. Rich and I were both helping with the Winterfest choir and band concerts with high school kids. They had a mixer for the high schoolers after the concert and we both were asked to be there to ‘chaperone’. While talking with Elaine Becker (choir accompanist) I told her “the next polka is mine” as I loved to dance. Rich was standing next to Elaine and when the next polka started he grabbed my hand as he thought I was talking to him and we started to dance. The rest they say is history. We danced together the rest of the night and he walked me back to my dorm. We have been together ever since.”

Jessica (Schadrie) ’10 & Travis Vanden Heuvel ’09
Married: 08/07/2010

“Jess and I met in the fall of 2008: She was a junior student-athlete and I was a senior student-leader. Over the years, our passions and interests have continued to change, but our love and appreciation for our alma mater has remained steadfast. We owe so much to St. Norbert College, Old St. Joseph Church, our Pastor – Fr. Baraniak, the Norbertines, our professors, coaches, advisors and classmates/teammates. The ‘St. Norbert Experience’ changed our lives and we look forward to doing whatever we can to give back to a school that has given us so much. 

“Currently, Jessica and I serve on the campaign cabinet of ‘Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead’ and chair its young-alumni committee. We both thoroughly enjoy the work that we are doing to engage and re-engage our classmates and friends. Jess and I invite all of you to visit to learn more about ‘Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead’ and the work that the college is doing to enhance an already great ‘St. Norbert Experience’.”

The Vande Heuvels

Patricia (Witte) ’86 & Paul Vanden Heuvel ’84

Married: 7/26/1986

“Paul and I were set up as a blind date for a ‘Screw Your Roommate’ dance when I was a freshman. He was actually from the same hometown as one of my roommates and I really think she did not know anyone else with whom to set me up. As I remember it the dance was fun, although it is Paul’s outfit that we still talk about!

“We went to one more dance that fall and then when I invited him to the spring dance he decided he had to ‘check his calendar.’ I found another date. Neither one of us had a great time that night and I think his calendar was pretty free after that!

“Some of our favorite memories are having $15.00 between the two of us and walking across the bridge to Pizza Hut for a pizza and pop. Or walking home from a football game in the rain and kicking the fall leaves. What great times!”

Kaite (Best) ’98 and Chad Van Laanen ’98
Married: 8/29/99

“Kaite and I met sophomore year while living in VMC. Kaite was on the basketball team and I was on the baseball team so many of our friends and teammates overlapped. After continuously visiting a very good friend of mine from high school who happened to be Kaite’s roommate, we started to get to know each other throughout the year and by the end of our sophomore year we finally went on our first date and the rest is history. We have been married since 1999 and we have three children. Of all the reasons I am proud to say I graduated from SNC, meeting my wife is certainly the most special.”

Colleen (Hamilton) ’95 & Mark Vap ’94

“Mark and I met as alums at Winter Carnival. We had never laid eyes on each other while students at SNC which is quite unique due to the close-knit campus community. We had mutual friends ... I had gone to a party at his campus house ... and had never met! We learned that Winter Carnival weekend that we both lived in Milwaukee (Mark from Omaha and me from the Chicago suburbs) We started dating, were married in 2001 surrounded by many wonderful SNC friends and have a beautiful son.”

Michelle Wendt '82 & Daniel Wagnitz ’80
Married: 06/14/80

"I spent my first year of college at Carroll College,and then transferred to SNC. The first day of class I had American Romantics Literature with Dr. Bennett, who was one of the scariest looking
people I had ever seen! But a wonderful poet and teacher. Dan was an English major and Dr. Bennett was his mentor, so he was able to calm my fears. Dr. Bennett put students in alphabetical order, so Wagnitz and Wendt sat next to each other. We eventually began to talk together and date, get engaged shortly after Christmas and married the following June. We have four grown children and many grandchildren and we love still being close to campus and taking in activities. When I began work in the Masters of Theology program a few years ago, my first class met in the classroom where we met and fell in love! Now that's American Romantics Lit."

Jim and Jan

Janet (Agamaite) ’62 & Jim Weber ’61
Married: 10/14/1962

“It wasn’t ‘love at first sight’. We met in the student union and dated for three years.

“We participated in so many of the social events at SNC. There were Jungle Balls, formal military balls, bonfires, picnics and sporting events.

“We were a ‘couple’ on campus. It was an old-fashion type of love that developed over time and continues growing over forty-seven years together.”

The Weyckers

Joanne (Shimon) ’92 & Brent Weycker ’92
Married: 05/21/94

“My first day on campus freshman year I was unpacking in my dorm room (Sensenbrenner) and Brent stopped by to welcome me to SNC. We were acquaintances through mutual friends at different high schools. He was a resident assistant in 3M and introduced me to many new people, invited me to orientation events, and became a good friend that first semester of freshman year. He asked me to a TKE associate-active function (our first date) and we then began dating and fell in love. We were a couple through all of my years at SNC, became engaged in summer 1993 and married May 21, 1994. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary and have three wonderful children.”

The Wildas

Carol (Sladek) ’84 & Steve Wilda ’85
Married: 11/09/1985

“We had bumped into each other in the Hall of Fine Arts and spoken a few times, but had not spent much time together.

“One night in the spring of 1982, Steve’s room mate had a date with someone, and really wanted it to be a double-date. He asked that Steve find a date too.  Steve asked Carol, and she accepted. Carol asked, “What are we doing?” Steve said, “my roomie has a date and needs us to double. So, we’re going to watch whatever is playing at the De Pere Theater – I hope you’ll like it.”
“Our first date was at the De Pere Theater ($1 admission) to accompany Steve’s roommate and his date, and to watch a classic B-rate horror movie – ‘The Swamp Thing.’  It featured some really lousy acting, and actress Adrienne Barbeau, up close and personal, in one of her more compelling roles! The special effects, cinematography and Adrienne’s dresses were stunning!

“We still laugh about our first date."