We see art as a necessary part of a complete life and it’s our goal to help all students develop their aesthetic awareness.

Art Course Offerings

ART 110 History of Western Art – GS 5 WT
This course will advance the belief that art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world — equal to but distinct from other methods of inquiry and certainty. By charting the emergence of unique and continuous traditions of visual imagery from Chauvet to the last works of the Post–Impressionists, this course will highlight the canonical paintings and sculpture from major periods of Western culture. Focusing on the key innovations, personalities and styles of Western art, this general survey class will encourage a basic appreciation, analysis, recognition and interpretation of art.

ART 112 History of Modern Design – GS 5 WT
This course will explore how humans interact with everyday products, environments and visual mediums that we encounter on a daily basis. It will start with the Arts and Crafts movement (1880-1910) and finish with Post Modernism.

ART 115 History of Modern Art – GS 5 C-WT
A survey course rooted in the Modernist injunction, “Astonish me!”, this class will examine major figures, movements, and breakthroughs made by the Western artistic imagination in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Different conceptions of modern art that emerged during this period, particularly the images and objects by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, will be presented and discussed. Basic principles of general art appreciation, analysis, recognition and interpretation will be emphasized. Art as an experience that awakens, enlarges, refines and restores our humanity will characterize this class.

ART 124 Basic Digital Photography
This course is an introductory digital photography course. Students will learn the basic techniques that will help them take better photographs. Framing, exposure and lighting will be discussed as well as hands on work with images in the digtial environment preparing photographs for output. This course is not graded using a traditional letter-grade system. Students will receive a grade of either satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U). This course does not replace ART 280 Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging. A digital camera is required for this course.

ART 125 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop for Non-Majors
An introductory elective course that explores the process of digital image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop as the primary tool. The course examines various aspects of the digital process including digital image capture (scanner and camera), digital image manipulation and preparation of images for electronic publication. J-Term and summer session. This course is not graded using a traditional letter-grade system. Students will receive a grade of either satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U).

ART 130 Introduction to Design
This course is an introduction to design focusing on fundamental principles of two-dimensional design and the process of creating assorted design-related projects. A focus on projects that incorporate design elements that may include line, shape, space, motion, value, color, pattern and texture. It will also focus on the design principles including process, unity, scale and proportion, balance and rhythm. The course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of concepts, theories and language related to two-dimensional design.

ART 131 Introduction to Studio Art
This course is an introduction to studio art focusing on fundamental principles of design, fine art technical processes and methods of production. This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of concepts, theories and language related to two- and three-dimensional studio art practice, as well as forms of time-based media. There is an emphasis on skills and principles required to create and critique art and design, particularly in the context of contemporary art practices. Students will learn to solve aesthetic, visual and conceptual problems through a variety of media and materials.

ART 134 Basic Drawing
Introduction to the fundamentals of drawing. Line, modeling, light and shadow, composition, Renaissance and intuitive perspective, with a strong emphasis on life drawing.

ART 141 Drawing and Visual Perception – GS 5 C-EI
This studio course explores the foundational practice of drawing from observation. The course explores drawing using a variety of media and techniques. Drawing from observation is essential in the study of the visual arts. This practice develops key interpretive and reflective skills. Focused attention and observation enhances one’s ability to interpret their surrounding environment, and to process the information around them critically through the focused physical interpretation of sight.

ART 144 Introduction to Video Production – GS 5 C-EI
An introductory video production elective course designed to fully explore the production process using professional digital editing and production software. Students will be creating their own work from concept to final realization exploring the range from pre-production to post-production, and DVD authoring for final output. A digital video camera is required for this course. Summer.

ART 145 Rotoscope Animation – GS 5 C-EI
An introductory animation production elective course designed to fully explore the animation production process using both traditional and digital techniques. Students will be creating their own animation projects from concept to final realization, exploring the range of animation techniques from traditional hand-drawn animation to digital rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live action source footage frame by frame to achieve more realistic movement in their animated work. The primary software tool for the course will be iStopMotion. Summer.

ART 205 Art, Technology and Society – GS 5  C-EI 
This course is a lecture- and discussion-based course exploring technological developments in the fine arts since the advent of photography. The course will examine the development of photography, film, video and digital technologies and their impact on the fine arts, as well as the way artists have utilized these technologies to reflect upon, analyze, critique and investigate social issues of their day.

ART 224 Introductory Sculpture
A basic investigation of three-dimensional form and materials. This investigation involves the conceptual and structural nature of sculpture and the application of sculptural materials. Prerequisite: ART 130 or ART 131.

ART 230 Introductory Printmaking
This course is an introduction to a variety of basic printmaking processes and equipment. Techniques may include monotypes, intaglio and relief. Multiple original images are produced. Assignments require students to work independently in the print shop outside of class hours. Prerequisite: ART 130 or ART 131.

ART 240 Introductory Painting
Introduction to painting materials and techniques with an emphasis on direct painting methods and painting from observation. Students will investigate color, form and composition. Demonstration, critique and focused studio practice are primary methods of instruction. Prerequisite: ART 130 or ART 131.

ART 280 Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
An introductory studio-based photography course exploring the tools and techniques of digital photography and digital imaging. This course will provide essential foundational skills required for a career in photography. Primary software includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. A DSLR with manual control is required. Prerequisite: ART 130 or ART 131.

ART 324 Intermediate Sculpture
Special emphasis on the development of personal statements and interest. Work in traditional and contemporary media. Prerequisite: ART 224.

ART 330 Intermediate Printmaking
This is an intensified printmaking course with an emphasis on building multi-layered and more complex images. Techniques may include photo-serigraphy, intaglio, relief and book arts. Assignments require students to work independently in the print shop outside of class hours. Prerequisite: ART 230.

ART 335 Advertising Design
An introduction to problem solving and the basic elements of graphic design. Emphasis is placed on the development of concepts and skills in the layout of typography, illustration and photography. Prerequisite: ART 350.

ART 340 Intermediate Painting
Along with continued development of the methods and techniques explored in ART 240, students investigate indirect painting methods and contemporary painting practices and theory. Traditional and contemporary approaches to painting the human figure are introduced and students develop independent projects and individual artist statements. Prerequisite: ART 240.

ART 350 Computer Graphics
An introduction to various graphic applications on the Macintosh platform; modern graphic design history, layout, electronic illustration and photographic manipulation are covered in this course. Prerequisite: ART 130 and ART 131 or consent of instructor.

ART 380 Contemporary Photographic Strategies
A studio-based photography course exploring the strategies, techniques and approaches in contemporary fine art photography. The main objectives of the course are increasing control of the photographic process and increasing sophistication in developing projects from their initial intent to their desired outcome within the context of contemporary fine art photographic strategies. A DSLR camera is required. Prerequisite: ART 280.

ART 389 Special Topics
An in-depth study of an artistic issue of special interest. ART 389 may focus on one or more art forms, an artistic movement or comparison of movements, or a theme. Students are challenged to evaluate trends in historical and contemporary art production as it relates to their own art making. Prerequisites: ART 110, ART 130, ART 131 and ART 134.

ART 424 Advanced Sculpture
Emphasis on new materials and attitudes. Students are encouraged to develop individual modes of plastic statement. Prerequisite: ART 324.

ART 430 Advanced Printmaking
This course is an upper level printmaking course with student-proposed independent projects. Students are expected to demonstrate greater independence in working and to produce more thematically consistent bodies of work for a final exhibition. Assignments require students to work independently in the print shop outside of class hours. Prerequisite: ART 330.

ART 440 Advanced Painting
Under the guidance of the instructor, students pursue individual courses of study. Through a concrete synthesis of content development and technical skill, each student creates a cohesive body of paintings. Emphasis is placed on the articulation of art process, content and philosophy. Prerequisite: ART 340.

ART 460 Digital Studio
This is a fine arts digital studio course that explores the impact of digital technologies on contemporary art practice. The course includes the production of motion graphics, video production, and animation. Theory and history relating to technology and art will be explored and discussed. While working within the context of fine art, this course will explore skills and techniques required for a career in multi-media production. A video camera is highly recommended. Prerequisite: ART 350 or consent of instructor.

ART 480 Advanced Digital Studio
An intensive digital studio exploration building upon skills and strategies introduced in ART 380 and ART 460. This course will include guided independent production and research in digital studio practice, history, and critical theory. Students will develop a number of independent projects and will be expected to complete a major research project in relation to their studio productions. The research project will include art historical and theoretical inquiry relating to their studio-based work. Prerequisite: ART 380 and ART 460 or instructor’s consent.

ART 485 Design for the Web
This studio course explores web site design and production. It includes preparing web graphics, designing and assembling web pages, and publication of web sites. It covers terminology and current topics associated with the Internet, web design and web publishing. Prerequisite: ART 350.

ART 490 Independent Study
Specially qualified students under the guidance of an instructor may study various aspects of art. Note: This course may not be used to replace the 400 level studio requirement. Prerequisites: instructor consent and approval by associate dean of humanities and fine arts.

ART 494 Internship
This internship experience allows students to apply their studies in a supervised work situation. Students benefit from an inside look at different kinds of corporations and agencies, a chance to work in their field of study, and to gain experience with projects and technologies that reflect the applied sector. Prerequisites: junior/senior standing and instructor consent.

ART 499 Senior Art Capstone (0 credits)
The Senior Art Capstone emphasizes studio and professional practice, art theory and critical research. Students refine recent work and develop new work in preparation for the Senior Art Exhibition, which is the culminating experience of the art major. Students are introduced to professional practice skills: planning, marketing and promoting artwork, documenting work and preparing materials for grants, scholarship and residency applications. Students learn to develop an artist talk, portfolio, biography, artist’s statement, and curriculum vitae. Required for all art majors. Senior year.