2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Ripon College vs. St. Norbert College
  Date: 10/18/14  • Site: De Pere, Wis.

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Snc 1-10on Snc38End of half, clock 00:00.
Snc 3-3on Snc29Zach Broberg rush for 9 yards to the SNC38, 1ST DOWN SNC (A.Schleisner).
Snc 2-3on Snc29J.T. Crosby pass incomplete.
Snc 1-10on Snc22J.T. Crosby rush for 7 yards to the SNC29 (Chris Weaver).
Snc 1-10on Snc22ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 00:37.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 10 yards, TOP 0:30
Rc 4-20on Snc44Marshall Zahn punt 33 yards to the SNC11, M. Franzkowiak return 11 yards to the SNC22.
Rc 4-20on Snc44Timeout St. Norbert College, clock 00:47.
Rc 3-10on Snc34Stephen Covalt sacked for loss of 10 yards to the SNC44 (Zach Klarkowski;Nate Burchell).
Rc 2-10on Snc34Stephen Covalt pass incomplete (Alec Swanson).
Rc 1-10on Snc34Stephen Covalt pass incomplete.
Rc 1-10on Snc34RIPON COLLEGE drive start at 01:07.
 Drive: 2 plays, 3 yards, TOP 0:34
Snc 2-7on Snc21J.T. Crosby pass intercepted by B.Knoblock at the SNC39, B.Knoblock return 5 yards to the SNC34 (Matt Doherty).
Snc 1-10on Snc18Zach Broberg rush for 3 yards to the SNC21 (A.Schleisner;Brandon Latzig).
Snc 1-10on Snc18ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 01:41.
 Drive: 5 plays, 17 yards, TOP 2:19
Rc 4-5on Rc37Marshall Zahn punt 43 yards to the SNC20, Keenan Dowd return -2 yards to the SNC18 (Shawn Bansemer).
Rc 3-5on Rc37Stephen Covalt pass incomplete.
Rc 2-6on Rc36Stephen Covalt rush for 1 yard to the RC37 (Zach Klarkowski).
Rc 2-1on Rc41PENALTY RC false start 5 yards to the RC36.
Rc 1-10on Rc32Tom Sawyer rush for 9 yards to the RC41 (Alec Swanson).
Rc 2-5on Rc25Stephen Covalt pass complete to C.Greenwald for 7 yards to the RC32, 1ST DOWN RC (Dan Egan).
Rc 1-10on Rc20Stephen Covalt rush for 5 yards to the RC25 (Ryan Grandlic;Alec Swanson).
Rc 1-10on Rc20RIPON COLLEGE drive start at 04:00.
Randy Hill kickoff 63 yards to the RC2, Tom Sawyer return 18 yards to the RC20 (Ryan Grandlic).
 Drive: 13 plays, 80 yards, TOP 5:06
St. Norbert College 13, Ripon College 0
Randy Hill kick attempt good.
Snc 3-Gon Rc01Zach Broberg rush for 1 yard to the RC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:00.
Snc 2-Gon Rc01J.T. Crosby pass incomplete.
Snc 1-Gon Rc01Zach Broberg rush for no gain to the RC1 (Casey Johnson).
Snc 3-8on Rc15J.T. Crosby pass complete to Brett Olson for 14 yards to the RC1, 1ST DOWN SNC (Gage Ferkey).
Snc 2-8on Rc15J.T. Crosby pass incomplete (Logan Will).
Snc 1-20on Rc27J.T. Crosby pass complete to Brett Olson for 12 yards to the RC15 (Logan Will).
Snc 1-10on Rc17PENALTY SNC holding (Bobby Jaacks) 10 yards to the RC27.
Snc 2-4on Rc22Zach Broberg rush for 5 yards to the RC17, 1ST DOWN SNC (A.Schleisner).
Snc 1-10on Rc28Zach Broberg rush for 6 yards to the RC22 (A.Schleisner).
Snc 1-10on Rc41J.T. Crosby pass complete to Patrick Burke for 13 yards to the RC28, 1ST DOWN SNC.
Snc 1-10on Snc43J.T. Crosby rush for 16 yards to the RC41, 1ST DOWN SNC (Decker Thompson).
Snc 3-9on Snc21J.T. Crosby pass complete to Zach Reeves for 22 yards to the SNC43, 1ST DOWN SNC (D.Kirchenwitz).
Snc 2-9on Snc21J.T. Crosby pass incomplete.
Snc 1-15on Snc15Zach Broberg rush for 6 yards to the SNC21 (Jordan Remsza).
Snc 1-10on Snc20PENALTY SNC false start (Brett Olson) 5 yards to the SNC15.
Snc 1-10on Snc20ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 09:06.
 Drive: 4 plays, 26 yards, TOP 1:30
Rc 4-4on Snc49Marshall Zahn punt 29 yards to the SNC20, fair catch by M. Franzkowiak.
Rc 3-4on Snc49Tom Sawyer pass incomplete.
Rc 2-6on Rc49Jordan Hibbard rush for 2 yards to the SNC49 (Zach Klarkowski).
Rc 1-10on Rc45C.Greenwald rush for 4 yards to the RC49 (Matt Petersilka;Zach Klarkowski).
Rc 1-10on Rc25Tom Sawyer pass complete to Eric Hussin for 20 yards to the RC45, 1ST DOWN RC (Ryan Grandlic).
Rc 1-10on Rc25RIPON COLLEGE drive start at 10:36.
Randy Hill kickoff 65 yards to the RC0, touchback.
 Drive: 9 plays, 67 yards, TOP 3:45
St. Norbert College 6, Ripon College 0
Snc 4-7on Rc13Randy Hill field goal attempt from 31 GOOD, clock 10:36.
Snc 3-7on Rc13J.T. Crosby pass incomplete (Gage Ferkey).
Snc 2-7on Rc13PENALTY SNC illegal touching (Zach Broberg) 0 yards to the RC13.
Snc 1-10on Rc16J.T. Crosby rush for 3 yards to the RC13 (Brandon Latzig).
Snc 1-10on Rc31PENALTY RC pass interference (Logan Will) 15 yards to the RC16, 1ST DOWN SNC.
Snc 3-5on Snc50J.T. Crosby rush for 19 yards to the RC31, 1ST DOWN SNC (Brandon Latzig).
Snc 3-5on Snc50Timeout St. Norbert College, clock 12:03.
Snc 2-10on Snc45J.T. Crosby rush for 5 yards to the 50 yardline (Vince Stensrud).
Snc 1-10on Snc45J.T. Crosby pass incomplete.
Snc 2-2on Snc40Zach Broberg rush for 5 yards to the SNC45, 1ST DOWN SNC (D.Kirchenwitz).
Snc 1-10on Snc32J.T. Crosby pass complete to Brett Olson for 8 yards to the SNC40 (Logan Will).
Snc 1-10on Snc20J.T. Crosby rush for 12 yards to the SNC32, 1ST DOWN SNC (Tony Michelon).
Snc 1-10on Snc20ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 14:21.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 9 yards, TOP 1:27
Rc 4-19on Snc39Marshall Zahn punt 39 yards to the SNC0, touchback.
Rc 4-14on Snc34PENALTY RC delay of game 5 yards to the SNC39.
Rc 3-14on Snc34Tom Sawyer pass incomplete.
Rc 3-4on Snc24PENALTY RC holding (Tyler Jonas) 10 yards to the SNC34.
Rc 3-4on Snc24Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.