You’ll find research and learning are a logical extension of our biology curriculum and an integral part of our academic culture.

Biology Mission

The biology major aims to provide an education that is personally and intellectually challenging, and to provide an environment for scientific inquiry. As a result of completing a major in biology at St. Norbert College, students will be prepared to:

•    Demonstrate knowledge of cellular biology, molecular biology and genetics, organismal biology and population biology.
•    Demonstrate abilities in critical thinking and problem-solving.
•    Write and speak clearly using scientific terminology.
•    Gain acceptance to graduate or professional school in medicine, dentistry, medical technology, veterinary medicine and other biologically-oriented disciplines, or begin a challenging and fulfilling career.
•    Use scientific methods and to appreciate the contributions of science and scientists to humanity's present and future welfare.

Faculty Perspective

Deborah Anderson (Biology)“In late June of each summer, I pack up my Springbar tent, rock hammer, anvils, GPS, collecting bags and other field gear and drive to Lost Cabin, Wyoming, to look for fossils.

“The roughest part of fieldwork (rattlesnakes and scorpions aside) is the lack of running water. But after a couple of days, everyone is in the same state. Plus, you can get an early start in the field when you don’t have to wait for everyone to shower!”

Deborah Anderson
Associate professor of biology