St. Norbert students enjoy the best four-year graduation rate over the past 10 years among Wisconsin’s 33 colleges and universities.

Billing Procedures

St. Norbert College uses a centralized billing system. The charges a student accrues throughout the school year are placed on one bill. These statements are sent to the student's permanent address on a monthly basis. The statements are historical based on chronological data. In other words, the first statement issued for the semester includes tuition, room, board and student fees. The second statement of the semester will show these same charges, along with any payment received and charges accrued since the last statement. Students are not being billed twice—the statement is simply historical and reflects charges incurred since the beginning of the semester.

In addition to tuition, fees, room and board, examples of other charges appearing on statements include bookstore, utilities, copy charges, parking permits and custom cash. 

All past due amounts are subject to a one percent per month (12% annually) late payment penalty. Students who fail to apply for or neglect to submit documents which are prerequisite for financial aid awards by July 1 are subject to and will be assessed the one percent per month late payment penalty. Students will not be issued official grade transcripts or be permitted to register for succeeding semesters until such time as all charges have been paid-in-full, regardless of pay-plan participation.

Diplomas will not be issued unless all fees have been satisfied and exit requirements (Stafford and Perkins Loan recipients) have been met. Additionally, in the event that a monthly statement is not received, the student must still meet the obligation, regardless of payment plan participation.