St. Norbert students enjoy the best four-year graduation rate over the past 10 years among Wisconsin’s 33 colleges and universities.

Deposit Requirements

The following deposits will be required of incoming students attending St. Norbert College:

$350 Enrollment Deposit: This non-refundable deposit must be paid by May 1. $250 is applied to the first semester's tuition and any applicable new student orientation costs. The $100 is held as a security deposit until graduation or separation from St. Norbert College.

$125 Continuing Student Housing Deposit: This deposit, due in February, is for all continuing students to secure college housing for the following academic year. The $125 will be applied or credited to the upcoming academic year statement in July.  If you do not return for the upcoming academic year and notify the college before May 1 the housing deposit is released and credited to your SNC account or refunded. After May 1 the housing deposit is non-refundable.

Student Health Insurance Requirement: If a student is covered under an insurance company other than the Student Health Insurance offered by the college, an Insurance Waiver Form must be submitted online by Aug. 1 for the first semester.

Student Payment and Disclosure Statement: The Student Payment and Disclosure Statement is an enrollment requirement as well as a requirement of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act for all incoming students, both freshman and transfer students. Noncompliance with this requirement may prevent matriculating and/or registration privileges. The student must complete his/her portion of the statement. If the student is claimed as a dependent for the purpose of tax filing, his/her parent or guardian/cosigner must fill out the appropriate portion of the statement, as well as have the signature of a notary. Since students are granted open charging privileges, this statement outlines the student's rights as a borrower and the college's rights as a lender. The Payment and Disclosure Statement states that the student will assume responsibility for charges accrued during his/her time at St. Norbert College.