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Grow in Your Faith

At St. Norbert College, the only Norbertine college in the world, we were founded on the principle of perfecting the personal, moral and intellectual development of each student. What does that mean? That means that although we are a Catholic institution, we welcome students of all religious traditions as well as those with none.

It is our hope that while you’re here, you will develop your own unique faith life through worship, reflection and service, and then share your gifts with the world.

Do you fit in to one or more of the categories below? We’ve highlighted a variety of targeted offerings to help you in the pursuit of deepening your religious or spiritual life.

“I am Catholic; how can I deepen and practice my faith on campus?”
  • Our Catholic students often become engaged members of the St. Norbert College Parish community of Old St. Joe’s. You can’t beat the convenience of a parish located right on campus, just minutes from your front door. At the parish, you can choose to be involved in music or liturgical ministry, become a catechist for the religious education program or work in youth ministry. 
  • Attend Morning Prayer during the semester.
  • You might also like to attend Donum Ipsum, an open, honest and prayerful discussion about the Catholic tradition designed to enliven and enrich the spirit and the mind. 
  • Or, you could attend one of our annual retreats like Axia, to explore the richness of the Catholic faith and the Norbertine roots of the college.
“I live out my faith or values through service and working for justice.”
“I like hearing what my peers think about a variety of spiritual and religious topics.”
  • Attend an ALIVE program in your residence hall and talk with your peers about topics ranging from friendship and suffering to the ways we imagine God.
  • Go on a retreat.
“I am not Catholic and my faith matters to me.”
  • The ALIVE programs and many of the Emmaus Center events are led by and intended for students of diverse faith backgrounds. 
  • Our faculty and staff members represent a variety of faith traditions. The faith connections web page hosts a snapshot of faculty and staff members who are available to students looking to connect with someone who shares their spiritual grounding.
  • Let us know if you would like assistance connecting to a house of worship in your tradition.
  • We’re always trying to do more. Let us know if there are more ways we can support you.
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