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Behavioral Intervention Home Page

If you think an immediate emergency situation exists, call 911 or the Crisis Center (920) 436-8888. If this requires immediate attention, contact Campus Safety at 403-3299.

On a college campus, behaviors of concern have often gone unreported. When a tragedy occurs, people come forward with small bits of information that, in retrospect, point to a specific problem. These bits of information when viewed together may be helpful in preventing tragic events and initiating assistance to a student.

Using the form below, please describe student behaviors of concern and related information including date, time and under what circumstances the behavior that you observed occurred. Even if you think a student is joking, please let us know. By reporting this behavior, you become an important link in securing a safe and healthy campus environment.

The information on this form is confidential and only members of the St. Norbert College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) have access to it.

Campus Safety

Phone: (920) 403-3299
Fax: (920) 403-4020

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