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Silent Witness Form

Members of the St. Norbert College community are encouraged to use this page to anonymously submit information regarding a crime or serious incident that has occurred on or off campus. You may also submit information about suspicious activities that you suspect might be related to criminal activity. An example might include forwarding information about who committed a recent theft or act of vandalism.

Follow up investigation to all information submitted will be done by Campus Safety administrative staff. Incidents requiring the assistance or attention of local law enforcement officials will be promptly forwarded to their attention on an as-needed basis. All information submitted is considered confidential.

Silent Witness Form
**Do not use this page to submit information on emergencies or crimes in progress. 

Instead, dial 911 to report this information!
Date and time incident occurred:
(if unsure, use approximate)
Type of incident:
Location of incident:
Description of incident:
(please be as detailed as possible)
Gender of offender/suspect:
Race of suspect:
Description of offender/suspect:
(include age, hair color, height, weight, clothing, distinguishing marks, any words spoken, etc.)
Name of offender/suspect (if known):
Address of offender/suspect (if known):
Description of vehicle (if applicable):
Any other relevant information: