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Parking permits

All student and employee vehicles must be registered with the college and display a valid year parking permit in order to park on campus. Students must register their vehicles annually.  The permit identifies the vehicle as one being legal to park on campus.  The permit does not guarantee a parking space in any specific spaces/lot.  Permits are issued to the individual who registered the vehicle. Permits can be transferred or shared.

Students can register their vehicle through KnightLine.

All student vehicles must be registered annually with the college and display a valid year parking permit.

Parking at College Owned Houses:

There is a no charge for the permit but you must register your vehicle information with the Parking Department and display a valid year parking permit on the vehicle.  A GREEN parking permit (valid for your driveway or any student lot on campus-except lot #1) is available to anyone who brings a car to campus.

All vehicles parked in your driveway must have valid SNC permits or they will be ticketed.  

You can NOT park/drive on the lawn.  Your entire vehicle (all four wheels) must be parked on your paved or gravel driveway.  The parking office has the right to charge each resident a $30 parked on grass fine if there is evidence of vehicles driving/parking on the lawn.

The sidewalk may not be blocked by any part of your vehicle.

Students leaving after a semester:

Students graduating in December or leaving St. Norbert College during or at the end of first semester will be reimbursed half of their permit fee if the permit is turned back in to the Parking Office.

Falsification of information provided to the college regarding class status, housing location, etc. will result in revocation of parking privileges for the year and a $100 fine.

Any changes (new vehicle, license, etc.) should be made directly with the Parking Office, 120 Pennings Activity Center, (920) 403-3948.

Employees must register their vehicle(s) with the Parking office. NEW-Dependent students of SNC employees must purchase a student permit and display it on the car (even if the car already has an employee permit on it) that they drive and the vehicle must be parked in an appropriate student lot.

 Any changes (new vehicle, license, etc.) should be referred to the parking office, 120 Pennings Activity Center, (920) 403-3948.

Additional vehicles
Students and employees driving more than one vehicle will be issued a second permit, at no extra cost. An additional sticker is available through the parking office. The permit may not be used by another person and only one vehicle at a time may be parked on campus. Violations are subject to a $50 fine plus revocation of parking privileges.

Substitute vehicles
If a registered vehicle becomes disabled, a free temporary permit is issued for the replacement vehicle with a time limit of two weeks, renewable by permission from the parking office. This must be obtained within one hour after bringing the replacement vehicle to campus. If it is after office hours, Campus Safety should be notified at (920) 403-3299.

Temporary permits
If a student parks on campus, a temporary parking permit must be purchased. The cost is $10 for a two-week period and is valid for parking in Lot #12.

If a students need to have a car on campus for just one day, they need to park in the College Ave lot # 12 and if ticketed contact the parking office.

Illegible permits are subject to a fine and considered illegal. Altering of a temporary permit will result in a $100 fine and the vehicle will be towed.

Permit instructions
Remove backing on the permit and adhere to the inside, left (driver's side), lower portion of the rear windshield.

Annual Permit costs (yearly fee)
Fee for 2013-14 academic year

Map of Campus Parking Lots

BLUE (Commuter) Students living at home or in off-campus housing not owned by St. Norbert College-Vehicles with a commuter permit can not park on campus overnight.
GREEN (On campus)
Resident students.
GREEN (College owned houses) 
Students living in college owned houses. 
Temporary (two weeks) in lot 12 only $10
Employee N/C

Riverside- Vander Zanden Apt.-lot 1  CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION

Moped/Motorcycle Permit $10

Replacement costs
Lost parking permits will be replaced for a $15 charge. If a vehicle is replaced, a second sticker will be issued at no cost. Permits deliberately mutilated to obscure the number will be considered in violation and a $100 fine and/or revocation of parking privileges will be imposed.

Campus Safety

Phone: (920) 403-3299
Fax: (920) 403-4020

St. Norbert College • 100 Grant Street • De Pere, WI 54115-2099 • 920-337-3181