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Parking tickets/towing Violations and Ticket Appeals

All Fines are payable at the Bursars office in Todd Wehr Hall (SNC 100 Grant Street De Pere WI 54115).  Pink tickets are left on the vehicle's front windshields.  Students and Employees will also receive an email notice when the fine has been applied to their SNC account.

The codes for the violations are as follows:

A No Parking $25
B Loading Zone-time limit(15/20 minutes) exceeded $25
C Outdated Temporary Permit $20
D No Overnight Parking/No Parking 2-6 a.m. $50
E Restricted Parking and/or Employee Parking $35
F Parking on/blocking Sidewalk $20
G Unregistered Vehicle $20
H Illegal/Altered Permit $100
I Handicapped Zone/Handicapped Permit not displayed $50
J Not Parking in Assigned Lot $20
K Parking on parking surface $30
L Other $15
  Towing * can not be appealed
Rate Varies

  * Towing

Towed vehicles will be impounded at the Campus Safety office. Towing fees may vary depending upon type of vehicle towed (fees for vehicles with 4WD may be higher) and/or the manner in which the vehicle was parked. You may reclaim you vehicle by reporting to the Parking Office. PAC 120. Vehicles will only be released upon payment of towing fine. Payments can be made by check, cash or on your St. Norbert College student account.

Private towing companies, which are used by St. Norbert College, receive the money for vehicles, which they tow. These companies also assume any liability for damage caused by them during a towing operation.

The Campus Safety Department may try to contact a registrant to move his/her car before it is towed. This is a courtesy, and is not a requirement before towing an illegally parked vehicle. It will be done only as staffing and activity levels permit; and will normally be done only once.

Illegally parked vehicles are subject to being towed without notice and at the owner's expense. The Campus Safety Department will make a reasonable effort to take enforcement actions, which are less severe than towing a vehicle. However, where infractions are serious, create a dangerous situation, are in violation of snow removal policies and/or parking bulletin instructions, hinder the emergency or normal operation of the College, or where the vehicle has received several warnings and/or fines, towing may be appropriate or necessary. As a courtesy, registrants of cars, which are legally registered on campus, will be notified when their vehicle has been towed. These notifications will be made via the campus email system.

A vehicle may also be immobilized or "booted" (a $30 fine). Consult the Campus Safety office (403-3299) for boot removal.


You may appeal a violation within ten (10) class days in one of two ways:

a. Online appeal form


b. Hard copy appeal forms are available in the parking office, Pennings Activity Center room 120.

Campus Safety

Phone: (920) 403-3299
Fax: (920) 403-4020

St. Norbert College • 100 Grant Street • De Pere, WI 54115-2099 • 920-337-3181