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Violence Prevention and Campus Safety

 St. Norbert College Responds to the Governor's Campus Safety Report, 2007 Safety and Violence Prevention Strategies
In its Mission Statement, St. Norbert College defines its commitment to providing an educational environment that is conducive to learning. Educating students, especially young adults, is the primary focus, which encourages an environment of flexibility, patience and tolerance. Central to the learning environment is the basic need to be safe. " Colleges and Universities are special institutions where students, faculty and staff join together for academic growth and personal enrichment. While students excitedly begin classes each fall, parents and families hope that their child's college experience is rewarding, successful, and, most importantly, safe. In April 2007, students, families, faculty, and staff at colleges across the nation were awakened to the fact that college campuses are not sanctuaries. In a few brief moments at Virginia Tech University, 32 lives, some just beginning, were ended". [1] This tragedy underscores the potential vulnerability of college campuses who have open access to buildings and permeable boundaries, and St. Norbert shares in this vulnerability.

St. Norbert College made great strides in emergency preparedness in 2007, through the development and distribution of the Emergency Procedures Red Book and the implementation of the multi-modal Emergency Communication System on campus. Both of these are indications that the College takes safety seriously. In addition to these measures, students, faculty and staff at St. Norbert must be encouraged to develop a culture of concern and care for one another and to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, being assured that worrisome, threatening or dangerous behaviors have a predictable process for risk assessment. Unusual or eccentric behavior has been the mark of some very noteworthy people in history, however, to treat all behaviors as dangerous or threatening would indeed stifle intellectual discourse and creative expression. It is therefore prudent and in the best interest of all constituents at SNC to develop a violence prevention program.

In the Governor's Task Force Report, [2] the challenge to every college campus was to review their approach to violence prevention and emergency preparedness through assessment and review of current plans. St. Norbert College responded to this challenge by establishing the Safety and Emergency Management Committee. Through the direction of this Committee, several members of the Student Life Director Team [3] met throughout the semester to research and prioritize violence and emergency preparedness. [4] Although several areas were identified, the need for a behavior risk assessment process was the most urgent.

"Numerous colleges and universities from across the country have developed similar intervention teams, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The University of Florida and Rollins College offer “best practice examples”. The Florida Gubernatorial Task Force on University Campus Safety ask recommended that each college an university in the state develop a multidisciplinary crisis management team, integrating and ensuring communication between campus safety/university law enforcement, student affairs, residential housing, counseling center, health center and any other appropriate campus entitles to review individuals and incidents which indicate “at risk” behavior. The team should facilitate the sharing of information, and a coordinated response when required.” The important point in this approach is the immediate integration of information and services through the involvement of key college offices". [5]

The  Behaviors of Concern Policy and Early Alert Assessment Team procedure was developed by reviewing best practices from institutions around the country and incorporating the Core Values of St. Norbert College. [6]

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Campus Safety

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