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On-Campus Internships

All St. Norbert College offices offering an internship opportunity must submit an application for each internship position. All applications will be reviewed by the on-campus internship advisory committee to determine whether the position qualifies as an internship, or if it is better suited as a student worker position. 

Once approved, there is no need to resubmit applications for identical positions in the future. However, positions that were previously approved can be re-evaluated at any time by the Career & Professional Development office or the on-campus internship advisory committee. New internship applications that were not previously accepted will be reviewed by the on-campus internship advisory committee on a rolling basis.

In addition, every intern needs to submit a new internship learning agreement to the Career & Professional Development office for each academic year and summer they intern, regardless of whether their site remains the same. In these cases, learning goals should reflect increased complexity and challenges.

Goals of the Process

  • To create clear guidelines differentiating on-campus internships from student worker positions.
  • To ensure that all on-campus internships are paraprofessional in nature and that offices and individual supervisors are willing and able to put in the work, time, dedication and proper supervision to provide a quality internship experience.
  • To ensure that, for those positions that retain the title of “intern,” that:
    • The student has intentional and meaningful learning goals and objectives, as outlined on a learning agreement.
    • The supervisor is willing to support and provide opportunities for quality internship experiences, signified by their signature on the learning agreement and by submission of an internship application. Supervisors will assist interns with the establishment of learning objectives and support the attainment of those objectives.
    • If requested, the supervisor is open to site visits by the internship coordinator or faculty sponsor.
    • Evaluations are completed at the end of each semester by both the supervisor and intern. Supervisors will provide consistent and appropriate feedback through informal and formal evaluations.
Internship Application Deadlines
There are no deadlines for submitting internship applications. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.
Advertising Approved Positions
To allow equal access to your internship positions, it is recommended that you post approved internship positions for student viewing on the Financial Aid website.

Guidelines & Requirements for Hiring Interns
In addition to following the expectations of internship supervisors, on-campus internship supervisors also need to submit a student labor form to Financial Aid so the intern position can be set up with Payroll. The Career & Professional Development office will share approved learning agreements with Financial Aid. Please submit learning agreements within one week of the student's start date so that the student receives their internship pay.

A minimum of 60 total hours per semester is required, with a maximum of 20 hours per week. The pay range for on-campus internships is $8.30-$9.30 an hour.

To be eligible for on-campus internships, students must have at least a sophomore standing and be enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits) in undergraduate studies. Current students offered summer on-campus internships must be enrolled at least half-time during the subsequent fall term in undergraduate studies.

Student must be in good standing: Conduct and Academic (this is required) – Contact Judicial Affairs for conduct verification of applicants.

Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Contact the office of the registrar for academic verification of applicants.

Approved On-Campus Internships
There are a variety of on-campus internships that have already been approved through the Career & Professional Development office and the on-campus internship advisory committee. These internships may or may not be currently filled. Visit the approved on-campus internships web page to see a list of all approved internships in this category.