Register your internship as 0-credit to have it listed on your academic transcript.

0-credit (IDIS 494) Internship Registration Requirements

This option allows students to have their on-campus or off-campus internship listed on their academic transcript as a 0-Credit Internship Course without a tuition charge. The course is graded S/U, is worth 0-credits, and will be listed on your transcript if all requirements are met.

Benefits of Registering Your Internship as 0-Credit

  • Internship will be listed on your academic transcript and you will not incur any tuition charges.
  • Internship experience is officially recognized by St. Norbert College.
  • By completing a learning agreement that you, your supervisor and the Career and Professional office signs it ensures that learning will take place and if not, Career and Professional Development can assist as a mediator between you and the organization.
To receive a Satisfactory (S) grade for each IDIS 494 listing, please complete steps 1-3 below:

1. Complete a Learning Agreement
Learning agreements must be submitted within one week of your start date to ensure learning goals are set prior to the start of the internship. Please contact Career and Professional Development if your learning agreement will be submitted after your first week. All learning agreements for the 0-credit class are submitted via Career Connections. 

  • Login to Career Connections
    • Username: your full SNC email address
    • Password: if you don't know your password, click “Forgot my password” underneath the login
  • Once logged in, click on “Report an Internship” on the left side
  • Under “I Want To,” select the internship term
  • Enter your Intern Title and click “Save”
  • Complete all of the required fields (marked by red asterisk)
  • Read the “Memorandum of Understanding for Interns”
  • E-sign, enter the date and your phone number
  • No documentation needs to be uploaded
  • Click “Save”
  • After the above process is complete, Career and Professional Services will review your learning agreement and forward it on for approval by your site supervisor. They will e-sign it and it will be returned to Career and Professional Services electronically for final approval. 

A new learning agreement is required for each term (semester/summer) you intern, even if your site remains the same.  

2. Internship Evaluations
End-of-semester online evaluations will be emailed to you regarding the internship experience and to work site supervisors regarding your performance. Evaluations are required at the end of each semester and summer you intern, even if your internship site remains the same. You are strongly encouraged to discuss both evaluations with your supervisor, which can serve as an excellent reflection and learning opportunity. Both the student and supervisor should retain a copy of each of the evaluations.  

3. Hours
You must complete a minimum of 60 hours at your internship site, which will be documented on the end-of-semester evaluations by both you and your work site supervisor.