The Ray Van Den Heuvel Family Campus Center

Basketball Intramurals

General Rules
  • Each team will be allowed five players on the court at one time. Each team must have four players to start a game.
  • There are two leagues: competitive and recreational. Please indicate what league you want to be in on the registration form.
  • A game will consist of (two) 20 minute halves, with a three-minute half-time.
  • The clock will be continuous throughout the game, except for the last three minutes of the second half where the clock will be stopped on all referee whistles.
  • A 35 second shot clock will be used.
  • If either team is ahead by 20 points with three minutes remaining, the clock will not stop in the last three minutes of the game – even if a team scores to make the deficit less than 20 during that time. The clock will not stop on all referee whistles.
  • A jump ball will begin the game and any overtime period. All other times, alternating possession will be used.
  • Two 30-second time outs per half, non-accumulating. The clock stops during a time-out.
  • If overtime is needed, three minutes of continuously running clock time will be used. Clock stops in the last minute of overtime.
  • Substitutions may be made on any dead ball situation. 
  • A player will foul out when he/she receives five fouls.
  • For all non-shooting common fouls, the ball will be handed to the offended team's player at the out-of-bounds spot closest to where the fouls were committed.
  • The bonus rule will be in effect on the seventh team foul of the half.  All in the act of shooting, intentional and flagrant fouls will shoot free throws during the entire game. The clock will not stop during fouled shooting except during the last three minutes of the second half.