The Ray Van Den Heuvel Family Campus Center

Flag Football Intramurals

General Rules

  • Each team is allowed six players on the field. Player positions consist of one quarterback, two posts, one center and two wide receivers. All players are eligible receivers once the play starts.


  • The two posts must be no further than five yards from the line of scrimmage.
  • Once the posts move their feet the rusher can go between them.
  • The posts may not block, they are to remain stationary.


  • Quarterback can run the ball only if being rushed.
  • Quarterback can only take off once the rushers have passed the line of scrimmage.

Length of Game

  • Two 20 minute halves.
  • five-minute halftime
  • During the last two minutes of the second half the clock will stop on dead ball situations (incomplete passes, out of bounds, etc.)


  • In case of a tie, each team will get four downs from the half-line.
  • If both teams score, the team that has scored in the least amount of downs wins.
  • If neither team scores, the team that has advance the ball the farthest wins.
  • If an interception occurs in overtime, the intercepting team can run the ball back and the yardage they gain will be subtracted from that of the intercepted team. For example: Team A has gained 20 yards in the first two downs of OT. On their third down, Team A is intercepted by Team B. Team returns the ball 10 yards has their flag removed. Team A now only has 10 yards recorded.


  • Each team has one time-outs per half. Time-outs last for no more than one minute.


  • TD = six points. Extra point played from two-yard line = one point. While an extra point attempt from 10 yards is worth two points. Teams must play for the extra point, there will be no free extra points given out.


  • Holding is not permitted, either while attempting to grab flags or to retard another player until flag can be taken by another.
  • A 15-yard penalty is assessed for holding.


  • Kickoff is from kicker’s quarter line and will be marked from now on.
  • Kickoff must be thrown.
  • You may onside kick, however you must catch it. The receiving team may fair catch the ball, with no interference.


  • Fumbles are dead balls.


  • Each team has four downs to cross half field.
  • Once half field is crossed the team gets a new set of downs to reach the end zone.
  • Defensive players may not push the ball carriers out of bounds.
  • No attempt at the flag will result 10-yd Penalty.