The Ray Van Den Heuvel Family Campus Center

Soccer Intramurals

All soccer games will be played in the Campus Center Gym. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons.


  • No hands, except for the goalie.
  • Six players on the court at a time, includes the goalie, subs may come in on at any dead ball.
  • Each game will consist of 2-10 minute halves with a five-minute half time.
  • Teams are asked to wear the same color shirts.
  • Goals can not be scored on throw-ins or kick-in's.
  • Lines on the court are the boundaries.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Corner kicks and goal kicks are as normal
  • No slide tackling.
  • Goalies cannot pick the ball up if it is intentionally passes back by own team.