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Great Decisions Topics and Speaker Archive



Energy Independence

Dr. Michael Kraft, Emeritus Professor, Public & Environmental Affiars, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Islamic Awakening

Dr. Robert Kramer, St. Norbert College

Is China's Dream A nightmare for America & the Rest of the World?

Dr. Merton Finkler, John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor in American Economic System, Lawrence University

Turkey's Challenge

Dr. Sinan Ciddi, Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University

Israel & the U.S.

Fred Kaplan, Author of The Insurgents, adn teh Edward R. Murrow press fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Defense Technology

Shawn Brimley, Bacevich Fellow at the Center for A New American Security

U.S. Trade Policy


Dr. Art Cyr, Director of A.W. Clausen Center for World Business, Carthage College




Dr. Steven Dachi, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Future of the Euro

Dr. Marc Schaffer, Assistant Professor of Economics, SNC


Dr. Art Cyr, Director of A.W. Clausen Center for World Business, Carthage College

China in Africa

Dr. Lawrence Herzberg, Associate Professor of Chinese, Calvin College 

Humanitarian Intervention 

Dr. Heinz Klug, Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School


Ambassador Edward Walker, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Israel and the United Arab Emirates 

Maritime East and Southeast Asia: Is Conflict with China Inevitable?

Ambassador Alphonse La Porta, former U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

Threat Assessment

Dr. Joseph Tullbane




Promoting Democracy Around the World 

Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh, Director of the Patterson School of Diplomacy, University of Kentucky 

Cybersecurity and the Threat

Mr. Jeffrey Carr, CEO and Author of "Inside Cyber Warfare" 

Mexico, the Drug Cartels and Effects on the US

Dr. Matthew Dalstrom, Rockford College

Exit Strategies for Iraq and Afghanistan 

Dr. Jason Brozek, Assistant Professor of Government, Lawrence University 

Energy Geopolitics

Dr. Mark Bockenhauer SNC Professor of Geography, and Dr. Wendy Scattergood , SNC Associate Professor of Political Science

The State of the World's Oceans 

Dr. David Poister SNC Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science 


Dr. Donald Weatherbee, Senior Fellow, Walker Institute of International Studies, University of South Carolina 

Unlearning Racialism: Confronting Apartheid in our Hearts

Mr. Sean Callaghan, Lead Consultant at Strategic Impact

Middle East Realignment

Mr. Rami George Khouri, Director, Institute for Public Policy, American University of Beirut, Lebanon 



The Horn of Africa

Analyst Ben West from national Analytical Service STRATFOR.COM

US National Security since 9/11

Jeffrey Simon, Renowned national terrorism commentator

Rebuilding Haiti

Dr. Karen Richman, Director of the Center for Migration and Border Studies, University of Notre Dame

Sanctions and Nonproliferation

Dr. Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Responding to the Financial Crisis

Dr. Michael Gapen, Barclays Capital

Germany Ascendant

Dr. Gary Shellman, Concordia of Wisconsin

The Caucasus

Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh, Director of the Patterson School of Diplomacy, University of Kentucky

Global Governance

Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt, Entrepreneur and Social Activist



Global Financial Crisis

Mr. David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Author

Special Envoys

Dr. Arthur Cyr, Carthage College

Russia and Its Neighbors

Mr. Ian Kelly, Russian Specialist, U.S. State Department

Preventing Genocide

Dr. Celestin Musekura, Founder of African Leadership & Reconciliation Ministries

U.S.- China Security Relations

Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, Ambassador in Residence, University of Maryland

Global Crime

Mr. Robert & Mr. John Pavich, International Criminal Attorneys

The Persian Gulf

Mr. Rami George Khori, Editor and Journalist from Lebanon

Women in Latin American Politics

Dr. Gratzia Villaroel, Associate Professor of Political Science, St. Norbert College



Crisis in the Global Food Supply

Mr. Raj Patel, international author and activist on world food distribution.

Energy and the Global Economy

Drs Kevin Quinn and Marc vonder Ruhr, St. Norbert College

Afghanistan and Pakistan: The People and the Border

Ms. Jennifer Brick, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

The Arctic Age:  Economics, Int'l Politics, & Environmental Issues

Mr. Bob Reiss, International author and expert on the region

Egypt in the 21st Century

Dr. Ghada Talhami, Professor Emertus, Lake Forest College

Cuba After Fidel

Ambassador Peter Deshazo, Director for American Programs, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC

Universal Human Rights

Mr. Harry Wu, Internationally known Chinese Human Rights Activist

The US & Rising Powers

Ms Deborah Groute, Senior Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State.



US Defense & Security Policy: Now and the Future

Dr. Al Stolberg, Dept. of Strategy & Defense Policy, USA War College

US Presidential Candidates: Stands on International Issues

Dr. Wendy Scattergood, Political Science, St. Norbert College

Latin America: Shift to the Left?

Excellency Jamil Mahuad, ex-President, Ecuador

US-China Trade Policy

Dr. Barrett McCormick, Professor, Marquette University

Talking with the Enemy

Hon. Stephen F. Dachi, Retired US Foreign Service


U.S. Department of State Official

Private Philanthropy

Dr. Art Cyr, Director of International Business Center, Carthage College

The European Union at 50

Mr. Anthony Smallwood, Chief, European Union Delegation to USA

Iraq: End Game

Professor Hassan Abbas, Harvard Law School International Fellow



International War Crimes

Dr. Heinz Kluge, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Attorney at the Hague World Criminal Court

Middle East: Update

Mr. Ariem Herminath, Retired CIA Officer, Serving in the Middle East for over seven years

Mexico's Future: Partner or Competitor

Dr. Enrique Figueroa, Observer for OAS to the Mexican National Elections and Professor at UW - Milwaukee

Climate Change: Science versus Politics

Drs. Jame Hodgson (Biology) and Wendy Scattergood (Political Science), St. Norbert College


Dr. Mark Bockenhauer (Geography) St. Norbert College and Consultant to National Geographic Society

World's Children

Mr. David Hughes, Specialist in International Children's Issues, Plan USA

U.S. Policy in Central Asia

Mr. John Hillmeyer, Tadjikistan Desk Officer, U.S. State Department

The Future of South Africa

Ambassador Edward Perkins, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN and to South Africa



World Energy

Ms. Antonia Juhasz, Author & Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC

Brazil: Power of South America

Dr. Bryan Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Portuguese & Brazilian Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

U.S. & Iran: Future Relations

Mr. Manohar Thyagaraj, Expert in International Affairs & the Middle East, Marquette University

U.N. Reform

Dr. Laura Zanotti, Jean Monnet Fellow, Department of Political & Social Sciences, European University Institute


Dr. Deniz Balgamis, Assistant Director of the Center for Turkish Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Global Health Pandemics & Security

Dr. Nelle Temple Brown, External Relations Officer, World Health Organization

Human Rights in the Age of Terrorism

Mr. John Pavich, Past Lawyer for the International Criminal Tribunal and CIA Counter Terrorism Authority

China & India: Partners or Competitors

Mr. Stephen F. Dachi, Foreign Affairs Specialist & International Consultant, Washington, DC



China: Challenges Ahead

Dr. Carla Freeman - China Specialist, UW-Parkside

US Intelligence Reforms

Adm(R) Mike Ratliff- Former Director of Naval Intelligence

Outsourcing American Jobs

Dr. Marc Von der Ruhr - St. Norbert College

Global Poverty Gap

Mr. David Theis - Senior Analyst, World Bank

Russia Today

Dr. Joseph Tullbane - St. Norbert College

Middle East Roundup

Amb. Edward Peck - Former Ambassador to Iraq & Mauritania

Global Water Issues

A Panel of national, regional, and local experts

Sudan and Darfur

Dr. Robert Kramer - St. Norbert College



Democracy in the Americas

Dr. Mark Everingham - UW-Green Bay

Media Influence in US Foreign Policy

A Panel of regional and local TV and Print professionals

US Relations with Europe

Mr. Pierre Shostal - National Defense University, Wash, DC

Diversity in Islam

Dr. Barbara Stowasser - Chair, Arabic Studies, Georgetown U.

The Philippines

Dr. Robert Boyer-  St. Norbert College

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Amb. James Goodby - Chief Negotiator, Nuclear Disarmament of USSR

Public Diplomacy

Dr. Ernest Latham - Senior Analyst on Democratization of C. Europe, CISS, Wash DC

Reform in the Middle East

Mr. Stephen Buck-  Former Charge-d-Affairs, US Embassy, Saudi Arabia




Dr. William Vocke- Global Affairs Institute, Milwaukee

Saudi-US Relations

Mr. Stephen Buck- Former Charge-d-Affairs, US Embassy, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Omobolade Delano- St. Norbert College


Mr. David Reuther- Former National Security Council Staffer

World Trade & Food Policy

Dr. Edward Reed- UW-Madison


Dr. Sima Wali- Member of the Afghani Royal Family

Women’s Rights

Dr. Lynn Walter- UW-Green Bay

European Integration

Dr. Arthur Cyr- Global Business Center, Carthage College



Global Terrorism

Mr. Donald Hamilton- National Institute for Prevention of Terrorism

Korean Security Issues

Dr. Wayne Patterson- St. Norbert College

Middle East Peace Process

Dr A Richard Norton- Princeton University

South Asia – India & Pakistan

Dr. Joseph Elder- UW-Madison

Colombia and Drug Traffic

Dr. Robert Ricigliano- Former Assistant to Colombian President

Aids in Africa

Amb. Tom Loftus- Spec Asst to Sec Gen of World Health Org

Russian Reexamined

Hon. Mira Baratta- Under-Secretary of Defense for Russia

Energy & Environment

A Panel of Federal, State, Business, and Academic Experts



Trade & Globalization

A Panel of Federal and regional experts

China and Taiwan

Dr. Lyushun Shen Dep- National Representative, Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, Wash DC

National Missile Defense

Amb. Michael Cotter- Former Dep Secretary of US State Dept

US Relations with Iraq

Mr. David Reuther- Former National Security Council Staffer

Mexico and NAFTA

Mr. Darin Narayana- President, Bank One Int’l, one of the drafters of NAFTA Agreement

European Integration

Mr. Wilfred Schneider- Dep Dir of EU Delegation to Wash, DC

Conflict Resolution in Africa

Dr. Thomas Trebon- African analyst, Dean of St. Norbert College

Int’l Humanitarian Crisis

Ms. Ruth Messinger-  Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar, CEO of World Jewish Charities

Center for International Education

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