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    Connections Newsletter
    Issue 1                                                                                                                                         February 18, 2011


    Notes from the Collaborative

    A Note from the Collaborative Director

    Defining Collaboration: Collaborative Undergraduate Research Across the Disciplines

    Collaborative Opportunities

    Research and Academic Travel Funding Opportunities

    Academic Travel Award Recipients

    Celebrating Student and Faculty/Staff Collaborations

    Student Profiles

    Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer
    Jody Kolter
    Ellen Majowski
    Sarah Meyer
    Lauren Mongin
    Jessica Richards
    Danielle Schroth
    Brittney Stevenson

    Important Dates

    Mar. 25, 2011 Collaborative Summer-Fall Grant applications due

    Mar. 31 - Apr. 2, 2011 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

    Apr. 18, 2011 Collaborative Continuation Grant applications due

    May 2, 2011 Student Academic Travel Grant and Attendee Grant applications due





    Student Profile: Sarah Meyer

    This past fall, I was one of a few students at St. Norbert College, to be nominated by our faculty members to apply for the National Band Association Wisconsin-Chapter College All-Star Honor Band. I sent in my application later to find out I was selected to perform in this ensemble. I was very excited and honored to be able to rehearse and perform with this honors band. As a musician, and future educator in music, I felt this was a great opportunity to learn and grow. I was able to meet, socialize, and perform with students from all across Wisconsin. We also had the great opportunity of being able to work under some of the finest conductors across this state. Not only the ensemble, but also the audience members were exposed to different styles of literature, conducting, and performances during the concert.

    Throughout the two days we were in Wisconsin Rapids, we had a busy and rewarding schedule. We rehearsed for hours, given a few breaks to meet others, a session on technology wrapping up the experience by performing an outstanding concert. In participating in this event, I was able to perform new pieces of literature I have not yet worked on as a musician while also performing a piece we had previously performed here at St. Norbert College. It helped to expand my knowledge of the vast amount of music in hopes that I will be better educated when selecting pieces for my classroom.

    Working under the varying conducting styles also helped me to decipher in which ways I would hope to convey music to my ensemble some day as an educator, as well as to see how others learn and depict the music. Overall, this experience was one of a lifetime for me. I am very honored to have been selected to perform with Wisconsin's Honor Band, to have worked with great musicians and conductors, and to have learned to perform and interpret literature on an intellectual, technical, and emotional level.


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