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    Issue 3                                                                                                                                         Spring Semester 2012


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    May 4, 2012 Student Academic Travel Grant and Attendee Grant applications due

    American Association for Cancer Research Reflection

    Shanna Dennis

    Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

    Being a part of the 2012 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting was an experience I will never forget. Saturday and Sunday the group members and I attended seminars and presentations about numerous aspects of research being done on cancer. Some of them were solely to let others know what they had found, others were to teach new techniques, and others were to educate on new universal knowledge in the field. There were moments when material was far beyond my knowledge of cancer, and others where I franticly wrote notes about things I fully understood, and could use to help improve our specific research.AACRpic

    One of the seminars we attended was on writing scientific papers and getting them published. This was immensely insightful for me personally, because I am currently writing two scientific papers for classes and will be doing an independent study next year where I will have to write yet another. I learned so much on the dos and don’ts of writing and publishing, and hope that I can apply my recent knowledge to my studies here at St. Norbert. It was also interesting that we were able to hear from such distinguished members of the scientific community; editors of publications like Nature, Elizabeth Blackburn who won a Nobel Prize and others. It was a real privilege to hear from them.

    My favorite part of the conference was presenting the research we had done in a poster session on Monday morning. It was very rewarding to see that all of our research had come together to this point and others in the scientific community were there to critique and discuss it with us. Everyone there is an expert on cancer which means that there is so much to learn from everyone especially those who work on similar cells or treatments. I learned of new pathways that we could look into with the current research we are doing and we even learned of ways to apply our research to three dimensional cell cultures to get a better idea of how our treatments would work on an actual tumor. I enjoyed learning from this experience and collaborating with others in the field to better our research here.

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