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Other Collaboration Opportunities

The following programs are offered by offices and disciplines independent of the St. Norbert Collaborative.

Research Fellows Program
Offered through the Office of Admission
St. Norbert College has a rich tradition of giving a remarkable number of undergraduates the opportunity to conduct collaborative research projects with professors. An exciting program called Research Fellows offers incoming freshmen the chance to undertake a faculty/student research project at the beginning of their college careers. This research experience enhances the student's success at the college and the resulting professional publication gives the student a significant edge when applying to graduate school. >>MORE

Internship Opportunities
Offered through Career Services
Internships allow students to gain hands-on experience while developing career-specific skills. An internship has intentional learning goals and the student reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. Learning goals can include: academic learning, career development, skill development, and personal development. Sponsoring agencies work with the student to meet their specific learning goals, while also providing supervision and networking opportunities. In exchange, the intern helps the employer meet overall work goals. >>MORE

McNair Scholars Program
This program prepares participants for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. Participants are from disadvantaged backgrounds and have demonstrated strong academic potential. Institutions work closely with participants as they complete their undergraduate requirements. Institutions encourage participants to enroll in graduate programs and then track their progress through to the successful completion of advanced degrees. The goal of the McNair Scholarship program is to increase the attainment of Ph.D. degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society.

Community Service and Learning
Offered through the Center for Community Service and Learning (CCSL)
The Center for Community Service and Learning serves as a resource to SNC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters interested in community service, particularly as it impacts student learning, by providing guidance, best practice tools, occasions for reflection, and access to opportunities for community engagement. >>MORE

Research Opportunities by Discipline
Sponsored by individual academic disciplines
Many undergraduate research opportunities are made available through the individual academic disciplines of St. Norbert College. These opportunities include paid research, internships, and courses for credit. A variety of exciting and challenging research opportunities in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities allow students to work closely with faculty members, earn valuable experience in their chosen field of study, and present their work in an academic setting. 

  • Biology
  • Each Biology faculty member maintains an active research program involving undergraduates. Students are encouraged to become involved in a research experience with a faculty member as early as freshman year. Many students receive scholarship funds to support their research endeavors that typically extend from one to three years. Students actively involved in research with faculty members are expected to present the results of their projects at local or national annual conferences.
  • Chemistry
  • The Chemistry department adapts individual research projects to provide undergraduates the opportunity to engage in research either for course credit or as paid researchers. Upper level students under the direction of a faculty member can earn course credit through CHEM 490/492 Directed Research Courses. During the semester or over the summer, students can apply to work in collaboration with the chemistry faculty as paid participants of our research program.
  • Economics
  • Students interested in conducting joint research with a faculty member are encouraged to contact a member of the Economics faculty. Some research projects may be eligible for funding.
  • English
  • The English department has a long history of being especially involved in student and faculty collaboration. Students typically arrange collaborative projects to align with a faculty member's area of specialization. These projects are often presented at conferences or through publication.
  • Environmental Science
  • Students are encouraged to gain professional experience above and beyond their coursework. The department often obtains outside research grants or contracts to hire students. Some students have been supported by the department's scholarship programs; others have obtained internships or summer jobs as part of their research experience.
  • Mathematics
  • The St. Norbert Mathematics Discipline has long supported undergraduate research in the field. Students are encouraged to participate in the Summer Research Program (see below).
  • Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, and Pre-Veterinary Programs
  • Students are encouraged to take part in undergraduate research through the St. Norbert College Biology department.
  • Psychology
  • Many students participate in undergraduate research in the Psychology department. Their work has been published in print and electronically and presented at annual undergraduate research conferences.
  • Theatre Studies
  • There are two types of internships available for St. Norbert College students interested in Theatre Studies. The first is a paid, in-house internship in which a student will assist professors with theatre productions. The second type of internship available is through an outside theatre company that offers on-site internships; these tend to take place during the summer months.
  • Women's and Gender Studies
  • Students in the discipline of Women's and Gender Studies have the opportunity to work with faculty members on intriguing and socially relevant research projects. These projects have previously been presented at the National Women's Studies Association Conference. 

Summer Institutes
Sponsored by individual academic disciplines
  • Mathematics: Summer Research Program
    The summer research program consists of 10 weeks of full-time work with Mathematics faculty members. The program is open to St. Norbert mathematics students. Interested students should meet with a member of the Mathematics Discipline before putting together an application for review by the Mathematics department. The research concludes with the students presenting their work at the national Mathfest meeting. >>MORE
  • Chemistry: Summer Research Program
    The 10-week chemistry summer research program begins with an application process in the Spring. All students interested in participating in the program are invited to attend a short seminar where the chemistry faculty present their current research projects. Students are asked to fill out an application form allowing them to discuss how this experience will help them with their future career goals and then they are interviewed by the chemistry faculty.
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