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Video production services

Video production through the office of communications falls into one of two tracks: college communications or marketing communications.

College communications
Videos produced for college communications will often be initiated by the office of communications for use in tandem with the St. Norbert College Magazine, @St. Norbert e-newsletter or media releases. They also include coverage of official college events, b-roll for the archive and archival interviews.

Marketing communications 
Videos produced for marketing communications are productions initiated by a campus department or unit through the marketing planning process. These videos should be discussed with your project manager and then submitted via the online video request. Before a video is produced, it will be important to identify your target audience, distribution and promotion strategy and defined outcome.

Video production levels

The production level of a video refers to the desired level of quality. The appropriate level will be determined by considering the purpose, reach and budget of your video.

Level 1: Point, shoot and post

Minimal editing, added open and close with intro music

Time investment: 1-4 hrs.
Minimal lead time, 1 week production time

Level 2: First person interview

Moderated interviews, simple camera setup, minimal B-roll, moderate editing, natural light, canned music, limited titles, open/close

Time investment: 6-10 hrs.
2-3 weeks lead time, 2-3 weeks production time

Level 3: Multiple interview

Storyboarded production, multiple moderated interviews, multiple camera shots and setups, high-quality audio, scripted narration, extensive B-roll, extensive editing

Time investment: Multiple days
4-6 weeks lead time, 6-12 weeks production time

Level 4: Outsourced professional video production

Includes consultation, script writing, pre-production services, talent/models, makeup/hair, rough editing, titles, graphics, music tracks, voice-over, revision charges, final edit, expenses and travel.

Expect to pay $1,000-1,500 per 30 sec. of finished video.

Months of lead time and production time

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