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Partners in Your Success

It’s not just students who can benefit from the knowledge and skills of St. Norbert faculty and staff: Businesses and organizations find valuable tools for their success here, too. From providing critical market intelligence, to helping organizations bridge culture and language gaps, St. Norbert College is delivering knowledge-based solutions to partners throughout the region and throughout the country.

Strategic Research Institute
One of the Midwest’s most-respected resources of data-driven insight resides at St. Norbert College.

Translating & Interpreting Services 
St. Norbert College’s translating services provide written and oral translations in dozens of languages for individuals and businesses.

Custom Language & Culture Training 
We help prepare business leaders and others for work and travel overseas.

The Center for Business & Economic Analysis
The Center for Business & Economic Analysis hosts economics-related business opportunities and networking events. The faculty and students affiliated with center work hand-in-hand with leaders in the local business and nonprofit community to provide probono consulting services.