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If you're worried about someone's alcohol use or your own alcohol use call us, anonymously if you want, at (920) 403-3266 and we'll be happy to give you some advice.

We REALLY like the Alcohol eCheckup To Go personalized feedback so we encourage you to start there and then determine what to do. 


Otherwise here are some more resources:

College Alcohol Harm Reduction
College Alcohol Harm Reduction is a graphic look at how to drink responsibly for those who choose to drink.

Changing Culture
The College Drinking Prevention website has just about anything you'd want to know about alcohol.

Binge Drinking and Your Health
To learn more about binge drinking, especially on college campuses we encourage you to take a look at this resource. It explains how the legal, emotional, and physical consequences can impact the course of an individual's life.

Marijuana Information
NIDA typically provides the most accurate and helpful information on marijuana use.

Alcohol and drug concerns

If you forget everything else about alcohol, use just remember OOTAH!!!!!  That's not a state in the Rocky Mountains, and it's not a saying in the U.P. of Michigan. OOTAH stands for:






For MOST people this simple formula will help you avoid the numerous negative effects of alcohol. The law in Wisconsin is that you must be 21 in order to consume alcohol. However, although this may be a shock to most people, some college students actually drink alcohol before they are 21. :-) The Hall Staff and Campus Safety must enforce laws, so in no way does the college condone illegal activity. 

However on the COUNSELING side of the college we are confidential when it comes to these issues. This means that students can seek counseling for alcohol or drug issues and nobody at the college would know anything about it.

Our students seem typical of most college and university students in that about 20-25% of our students don't drink at all, about 50-60% drink moderately and about 20-25% of our students drink heavily (defined as typical blood alcohol concentrations while drinking at .15% or above). 

There is no easy answer to what the RIGHT amount of alcohol is for you and your goals. All we know here is that most of our students seem to drink fairly responsibly if they do consume regardless of age. However, there is a small percentage who go overboard in their frequency, intensity or duration of alcohol use, and we worry about their health and overall college experience.

Our office practices Harm Reduction and Motivational Interviewing instead of abstinence counseling since there is very little research supporting that abstinence counseling is the most effective way to handle this problem. We have nothing to do with the enforcement of rules on campus,  but rest assured, illegal drinking and drugging will result in disciplinary action through the Dean of Student. So please make wise decisions and use your judgment.

There are numerous online resources that can be helpful, so it's hard to point you in just one or two directions. However we really like the following as it pertains to alcohol consumption ...



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