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Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Concerns

Sexual assault is a complex area and requires that students, faculty, staff and parents know the laws in Wisconsin. Overall St. Norbert College is a safe place in a safe community, but we are not immune to the issue of sexual assault. Campus Safety is responsible for collecting and reporting the statistics related to reported sexual assaults. Our general advice for men and women is that if it looks creepy or wrong, don't be there. For parties, bars, alleys or whatever, use your "gut," and get out of places that just look like an accident waiting to happen. Parties with a lot of guys and few ladies is going to result in bad things happening. Guys, don't have parties like this; ladies, don't go.

ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT REPORTED TO COUNSELING AND TESTING ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND ARE NOT REPORTED TO ANYONE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT BY THE STUDENT RECEIVING SERVICES. If the victim would like to make an official report we would work with them to report the incident to Campus Safety who may contact police for legal action.

The bottom line in Wisconsin is that we are a state that requires "affirmative consent." This means that having sex with someone must be preceded by a statement or action that indicates consent. 

Just because a person never says "no" is not the same as a "yes." Many victims are too scared to say no, so the state of Wisconsin requires that people give consent prior to sex. Do you need to carry around consent forms with you when you go out? No. Do you need to make certain you aren't coercing or pressuring someone to have sex? Yes. 

One common issue is the ability to give consent. Sex with an intoxicated person is second degree sexual assault and punishable by up to 40 years in prison. That's right, SEX WITH AN INTOXICATED PERSON IS A FELONY. So if you and your friends are out drinking, and meet up with some other students who've been drinking, having sex can result in somebody claiming it was sexual assault since they were intoxicated at the time. You would have NO defense for this so don't do it. 

Last but not least, there are four degrees of sexual assault in Wisconsin. We will include here the most salient examples of crimes in the state. Fourth degree sexual assault is touching someone in a sexual manner over their clothing. Third degree sexual assault is more commonly called "Rape" but does not involve use of threats or force. Second degree sexual assault includes sex with an intoxicated or otherwise impaired victim, using threats or force, involving another person (gang rape) or a sexual assault that causes injury or mental anguish. First degree sexual assault involves use of a weapon, substantial physical injury, threat of use of a weapon or substantial injury, impregnation, or aiding another who commits any of the previous acts.

We hope this never happens to any of our students, but sexual assault is a problem on all college campuses. We are not immune at St. Norbert, so we are prepared to help when it does occur.


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