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Phil’s Gift Packages

Home Away from Home
*Chicken Noodle soup (2 cans)
*Townhouse crackers (1 box)
*Kraft cheese in a can (1 can)
*choc chip cookies (6)
*Milk chug….skim, 2% or choc (2)
*Kellogg cereal cup (2)

This package supplies your student with some comfort foods for those times when they are missing home. Let them know you are thinking of them too. This comes in a little tote that can be reused in many different ways.

The Crowd Pleaser
2  12" Jim & Lynn's Pizzas
12 pkg of soda
12 choc chip cookies
Plates, napkins and cups

Surprise your student and their roomates with a pizza party. We will supply the food, you will supply the fun and excitement!

Make Their Day
Custom make a care package just for your student by selecting 8 items from the following list. Pick out their favorite snacks and goodies and let them know you are thinking of them.

Kraft mac & cheese             Snack Pudding cups                    Nilla Wafers
Chex Mix                                 Prego spaghetti sauce                Wheat Thins
Large bag of chips               Spaghetti                                        Bottled Water (2) counts as 1
Peanut butter                         Salsa                                              Nutrigrain bars(4) counts as 1
Jelly                                          Poptarts                                         Ramen Noodles (2) "        "  
Bread                                       Townhouse crackers                  Micro Popcorn

* 12" Hansen's pizza
* 7" layer cake, choc or yellow
* 4 bottles of soda
*Microwave popcorn
*plates, napkins and cups

If your student is having a birthday, celebrating an "A" on a paper or just celebrating life, then this is the package for them. A party in a minute with this care package….comes with balloons too!!!

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