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Online Training FAQ's


Q1: How do I log-in to the portal?

A: To access the Online Training Portal, enter your SNC six LETTER log-on ID and the 15-character password that is associated with it.  Your log-on will NOT be your SNC ID number.


Q2: I have tried the six letter log-on ID and associated password, but I am still having problems logging on.  What should I do now?

A: Please contact the ITS department if you are still having issues logging on to the Online Training Portal.  They can be reached at:

Phone: 920-403-4040


Location: Cofrin 119


Q3: Can I access and complete this training from my home computer?

A: Yes.  Please ensure you access the training from the SNC Diversity Affairs link (see below), even if it is from your home computer.


Q4: Can I access and complete this training from an SNC computer?

A: Yes


Q5: What is the link I need to access the Online Training Portal?

A: The Online Training Portal must be accessed via the SNC Diversity Affairs page .  You cannot log into your assigned training sessions from any other site.


Q6: I already completed an online training when I was a student, do I have to take it again?

A: Yes.  There are several variations of trainings for student workers versus employees of the college.  The required trainings may have changed as your role has changed.  Please complete any and all trainings that you have been requested to complete.


Q7: I have been receiving emails regarding a requirement to take an online training, but I don’t think this applies to me.  Do I have to take it?

A: Yes.  The online trainings are a requirement for any and all student workers, staff and faculty at St. Norbert College.

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