We train our future teachers to transmit a heritage of wisdom, skill and moral commitment for the next generation.

Education Program Requirements

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Gate 1: by the end of first year (View the Gate 1 Rubric)

Gate 2: by the end of second year (View the Standardized Rubric)

Gate 3: by the end of third year (View the Standardized Rubric)

Gate 4: by the end of fourth year or program completion (View the Standardized Rubric)

  • G.P.A. (minimums: 2.75 overall, 3.0 major, minor, professional education)
  • Human-relations hours (25 each part A and part B) completed
  • Student-teaching completed
  • Evidence of SNC teacher dispositions
  • Criminal background check completed
  • Satisfactory cooperating teacher and supervisor block evaluations
  • Portfolio proficient
  • Completion of degree requirements