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Education Advisement

Because the various certification programs account for all of the 32 courses required for graduation at St. Norbert College, the advising process is particularly crucial for teacher-education students. Students should begin to plan how they will meet all certification requirements during their freshman year or at least as soon as the student knows that he/she wants to pursue a teaching license.

Every effort will be made to assign all students seeking a teaching license to an advisor from the teacher-education faculty (if elementary) or their major (if secondary education or music education). Every academic discipline that has a certification program has one or more faculty trained in all the state certification rules. If you are not being advised by a faculty member knowledgeable about certification requirements, you may want to switch to a faculty member from your major area who is.

Ongoing changes in state requirements for teacher education certification and licensure will require accompanying changes in the St. Norbert College teacher-certification program, including general education requirements outside of the department. It is essential that the student communicate regularly with his or her advisor to make certain that his or her academic plans are in order.