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Global Student-Teaching: Communication and Parent Visits

Students teachers abroad are required to be in communication – in the form of letters, email, blogging, iChat or Skype – to the director of overseas student teaching. Letters and email serve as a dialogue between the student teacher and the professor and are a way to record experiences and pose important questions during overseas student teaching assignment. Photos are another excellent way to record your experience and share it with others. Please make sure to get the approval of students and their families when taking pictures. Students should also stay in contact with parents, friends and professors.

Parent Visits
If your family members plan to visit you during your teaching assignment, kindly arrange to have them visit you near the end of your teaching experience. Before they visit, send your parents photos of your host family, community and classroom to prepare them. Not only welcome and introduce your parents to your host family, but make sure they meet significant people at your school and in the community. Family visits must not interfere with student teaching obligations.