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Global Student-Teaching: Health, Safety and Insurance

Insurance Liability
A student planning to teach overseas must investigate and make certain that the family insurance policy liability coverage covers the country in which the student will be teaching. A person teaching overseas must be protected by a personal injury and property damage liability policy.

Health and Hospitalization
The student-teacher should make certain that his or her medical insurance provides coverage for adequate health and accident insurance. Copies of liability and medical insurance must be filed in the Teacher Education Office with the student teaching application.

Immunization against certain diseases is a good idea and may be required before entering some countries.

To be safe, make at least three copies of your important documents, such as passport, social security card and insurance information. Leave one copy with your parents or Bola Delano-Oriaran. Stow another copy somewhere safe, such as your host family's house. Carry the third set.

Always carry important information such as emergency phone numbers and the addresses and phone numbers of your host family and country’s contact in your wallet. This is particularly import to do when arriving in your country, in the event you lose your luggage.

How to reach Bola Delano-Oriaran in case of emergency:
Office: 920-403-3229
Fax: 920-403-4078