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Global Student-Teaching: Housing, Transportation and Touring

A student-teacher usually lives in housing that has been selected by the host school, preferably with one of the families from the local school. The director will initiate the request for assistance in locating accommodations. The student-teacher should confirm the housing details and provide a housing contract to the host to be signed by both parties.

Room and board ranges from $150-$300 per week depending on the country. Students who teach overseas do not lose their campus housing during that time. They pay for housing only during the time on campus. The rest of the housing fee can be applied to their overseas housing costs. This is arranged by the finance department.

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student-teacher. Begin your travel arrangements early. You are urged to secure the services of a reputable travel agent who has experience with overseas travel and is especially skilled in exploring student rates. Additional information can also be found online.

Traveling abroad requires that you have a passport and/or visa. Vaccination may also be required for some countries.

Before you tour a country, check and see if you can get student discounts on transportation, lodging and meals.