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Global Student-Teaching: Preparations

1. Obtain a passport

  • To apply for your first passport or to renew a passport made when you were less than 16 years old, you must apply in person at the main post office or the county clerk’s office. Downloadable application forms and complete information are available on the U.S. Department of State website

2. Send an introductory letter to your field supervisor.
3. Obtain a letter of invitation from your host country supervisor if you are applying for a visa.
4. Explore purchasing a ticket.
5. Apply for a visa.

  • Ask your travel agent for “consolidated tickets.” Send a proposed travel itinerary plan to Bola Delano-Oriaran for approval. Do not purchase a ticket until your receive final approval from Bola Delano-Oriaran. Please be reminded that traveling abroad is conditional upon your success in your first student-teaching placement.
  • This gives you permission to enter your host country. Please vist the U.S. Department of State website as visa requirements continue to change.

6. Contact Health and Wellness Services or your own travel clinic for information regarding immunizations/inoculations.

  • These are needed mainly for certain destinations in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Make sure to get a vaccination certificate listing your inoculations, since some countries (especially in tropical areas) require it at the border.

7. Begin communicating with supervisor, teacher and/or principal abroad.

  • This should happen 2-3 months before arrival in your host country, electronically or via fax or telephone. 

8. Begin communicating with your host family (electronically/fax/telephone). Share information such as:

9. Explore obtaining an international ID card (ISIC).

  • This card makes you eligible for a broad range of discounts for airfare and overseas in some countries.

10. Register yourself with the U.S. State Department (U.S. citizens only).

  • To register, visit the U.S. Travel and International Passports website.
  • Include your itinerary (dates, places and addresses abroad) and emergency contact information. If this cannot be done online, then register yourself once you are in the host country by phone, fax or in-person. Keep the embassy/consulate contact information with you in case of emergency.

11. Sign contracts before departure from the United States.
12. Attend Global Student Teaching Seminar.