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Global Student-Teaching: Syllabus

Seminar Meeting Dates
  •     Begins: Mid-Sept.
  •     Ends: Mid-Oct.

Seminar Day
Every Monday: 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Seminar Meeting Times
Proposed topics

Session I

  • Orientation
  • Communication with host country/school
  • Cultural development
  • Objectives
  • Professional goals
  • Focus on countries: geography/weather/currency

Session II

  • Focus on countries: geography/weather/currency
  • Technology session - blogging: Bemis Lab

Session III: 

  • Instructional materials
  • Focus on countries: culture/language/school system

Session IV

  • Health and safety
  • Traveling issues
  • Self-evaluation and assessment

Session V

  • Instructional materials
  • Focus on countries: culture/language/school system
  • Last seminar date: reception

Academic Integrity (SNC Policies)
“The pursuit of wisdom and truth is the very reason for the existence of St. Norbert College. It is manifested especially in the curriculum ... The goal of St. Norbert College is to perfect individuals in their intellectual and moral dimensions and to promote academic integrity and honesty.” (SNC Academic Honor Code Booklet). Since these are the goals of our esteemed college, no form of dishonesty or unethical behavior will be tolerated. For clarification please refer to your SNC academic booklet.

Attendance at all seminars
All seminar sessions are on Mondays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. All global student-teachers must attend all seminars (Boyle 211-2nd Floor-Boyle Hall).

Global student-teaching
The St. Norbert College Teacher Education Program is committed to training pre-service teachers for culturally diverse classrooms. In line with the discipline’s philosophy, each student-teacher is required to daily participate in all school and classroom activities.

Preparation for Global Student-Teaching

  • Presentation of professional goals
  • Cultural development objectives
  • Country research
  • Blogging/country research
  • Instructional plans/materials
  • Activities and projects
  • Communication with host family
  • Communication with host country supervisor
  • Communication with cooperating teacher

Creation of web page on host country and school
All student-teachers are expected to develop web pages on their host country and school. This assignment serves multiple purposes:

  • It serves as research in preparation for student-teaching in another country.
  • It will be added to the St. Norbert College teacher education global student-teaching website.
  • It will be used as a part of an exhibition for global student-teachers upon the completion of student-teaching.
  • It will serve as a potential artifact for the St. Norbert College portfolio.
  • The contents of the web page must consist of the following:
    • School
      • Location
      • Student population
      • School calendar
      • Governance structure
      • Assessment
      • Language of instruction
      • Curriculum
      • Special education issues
      • Teaching styles
      • Classroom management styles
      • Private/public school issues
    • Country 
      • Geographic location
      • Population figures
      • Culture
      • Weather
      • Currency
      • Language
      • Political conditions
      • Religion
      • Communication styles
    • Description of your professional development resulting from your global student-teaching experience. Provide the following:
      • Your experiences as a teacher.
      • Your academic preparation that sustained your overseas assignment. 
      • Your cultural field trips in your host culture. 
      • The value of your immersion with the new culture. 
      • Your ambassadorship and contribution/s to your host school and family.
      • This extraordinary teaching experience
      • A Reflection statement making a case for teaching overseas as your capstone experience as a teacher.
    • Your web page must also include the following:
      • Pictures
      • Quotes from children and young adults 
      • Examples of teaching materials 
      • Samples of typical classroom materials 
      • Resources and materials 
      • Travel links and information web sites 
      • Links to travel books, national newspapers and popular magazines
      • Bibliography of children's literature representing lifestyles, characters of host country 
      • Biographies and historical novels, films and music 
      • Informational books and journals

Presentation to education faculty by global student-teachers
At the end of global student-teaching, the student is required to make a formal summary presentation to the teacher education faculty and students. The presentation will take place the semester following student-teaching. (TBA) Final grades are contingent upon participation at the formal summary presentation.

Journal Entries - Blogging
All students are required to maintain an electronic journal. Student-teachers must email the director of global student-teaching at least two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Your journals should include: your progress, concerns, challenges, accomplishments and immersion experiences in your host country.


  • Seminar participation: 50 points
  • Global student-teaching evaluation: 150 points
  • Web page development: 50 points
  • Presentation to teacher education faculty: 50 points
  • Journal entries: 50 points

350 possible points

Grading Scale

  • 100%-95%: A
  • 94%-90%: AB
  • 89%-85%: B
  • 84%-80%: BC
  • 79%-75%: C
  • 74%-70%: CD
  • 69%-60%: D
  • 59% and below: F

Issues of Particular Concern

  • Report to host school: Please email the global student-teaching director upon arrival (Dr. Delano-Oriaran)
  • Report to the United States School: School districts have different dates. Please check with your cooperating teacher.

Student-teaching is for the entire school semester. You are not on the SNC calendar. You must return to your first placement in the United States after arrival in the United States. If you are a December graduate, you remain in your school until the end of their first semester. If you are returning to SNC for spring semester of classes, you are to remain in the school until the Friday before classes begin at SNC. 

All Global student-teachers must adhere to this policy with no exceptions. Not adhering to this policy will result in the lowering of your grade one letter grade for each day absent. (Adapted from the SNC student-teaching seminar syllabus).

You will be signing the following contracts. Please adhere strictly to these contracts. Your final grade is dependent upon adhering to these contracts:

  • Student-teaching contracts
  • Housing contracts