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Human-Relations Program Field Experiences

In addition to the awareness and normative understandings developed in the required courses, prospective teachers will engage in field experiences that provide direct involvement with members of racial, cultural and economic groups, and/or with organizations working to improve human relations.

The program shall require a minimum of 50 documented clock hours of direct involvement with adult and pupil members of a group whose background the student does not share, including at least one of the following designated groups: African-Americans, American-Indians, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Pacific Islander-Americans; and with foreign-born persons, disabled persons and low-income socioeconomic groups.

That part of the required 50 clock hours of direct involvement which is with pupils may be accommodated as a part of pre-student teaching and student-teaching requirements. Students most often fulfill their 25 hours of face-to-face experiences in one of three ways:

  1. Cross-cultural tutorial/teaching experiences. Examples include tutoring at the Oneida Tribal School, Hmong Center, Headstart, etc.
  2. Cross-cultural student-teaching. Students may request assignment to a school which provides direct involvement with a culturally different group or to a school that has an organized program to improve human relations.
  3. Self-initiated cross-cultural experiences. Students may design cross-cultural experiences in their own community or through the Campus Ministry outreach program.